‘Hamilton’ Documentary Coming to PBS

One of the hottest musicals to ever appear on Broadway, “Hamilton” has taken the show world by storm, and is now going to take on the little screen: a behind-the-scenes documentary of the hit musical is set to air on PBS this fall.

A brilliant, contemporary tale of American founding father Alexander Hamilton, the musical has gained popularity due to its creator/composer/star Lin-Manuel Miranda’s genius, its extremely diverse (and almost completely non-white) cast, and its Grammy-nominated cast recording album.

Lin-Manuel Miranda stars as Alexander Hamilton in the hit musical he wrote himself.

While most will sadly never be able to watch the musical live, due to it being on Broadway and tickets being nearly completely sold-out, fans received some good news from Miranda on Twitter:

The documentary, “Hamilton’s America”, will follow the making of “Hamilton.” According to Variety, “[it] will showcase the making of the hit Broadway musical, following creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, along with his team. The project will feature interviews with key thinkers and artists, plus scenes from “Hamilton,” including never-before-seen footage.”

Even though it isn’t as good as actually seeing the musical live, “Hamilton’s America” will allow “Hamilton” fans to finally feel as if they are in the room where it happens.


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Written by CelebMix