Hans Zimmer Donates Concert Proceeds to London Fire Victims

Composer Hans Zimmer is well known for his famous film scores for Inception, The Lion King, Sherlock Holmes and most recently, Wonder Woman.

Now, the German musician has donated all proceeds from a London show to the Grenfell Tower fire victims.

Zoe Zimmer

Zimmer, alongside his 15 piece studio orchestra, paid their tributes to those who have been affected by a fire that broke out in their home.

The appalling blaze has, so far, killed over 30 people and wounded countless more with others missing or yet to be identified.

The musician tweeted about the incident, stating that “We are all London” and declared that he would be contributing to help the victims.

He received a standing ovation from the audience, including film director Ron Howard who has collaborated with Zimmer in the past.

As you can see in Zimmer’s tweet, the audience held up their phones and lit up the arena in solidarity.

He isn’t the only celebrity who has paid his tributes as Adele visited the site within 24 hours of the disastrous incident.

Comedian Russell Howard has also tweeted out that he will be donating to the relief fund.

Comedy Central

The funny man performed in Copenhagen and he stated that he would be donating the proceeds to those affected.

It is great to see so many individuals restoring our faith in humanity in these dark hours.

It is important to remind ourselves that love and light is still out there during what can be the gloomiest of times.

Please continue donating what you can if you are in the area.

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Written by Laura

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