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Happiness begins on Twitter for a Jonas Brother’s fan!

Tess Greenberg gets serious “best daughter” points from us, after flying 3000 miles to accompany her Mum to a Jonas Brother’s concert.

The Jonas Brothers are currently on the american leg of their Happiness Begins world tour. Tess took to Twitter to share the kind -hearted gesture she’d made to her Mum, tweeting ” She said she wished she had someone to go with, so I flew 3,000 miles to surprise my mom and take her to the @jonasbrothers tonight!!”

If that wasn’t enough to have us melting and tearing up, she posted a video of the moment she surprised her Mum.

In true Mum style we aren’t actually sure if her Mum was happy about the Jonas Brothers or that she could hug her daughter.

The story doesn’t end there though. The tweet caught the attention of some of The Jonas Brothers band and even the The Jonas Brothers themselves were all blown away by what Tess had done.

Kevin re-tweeted the video while both Joe and Nick tweeted about it. And both were spot on with their tweets summing up how everyone who watched the video felt.

If that wasn’t enough the Jonas Brothers account then tweeted Tess telling her to check her dm’s. She did.

Her and her Mum got to meet the guys at the show.

Did Tess’s surprise for her Mum give you as many feels as it does us? Let us know at @CelebMix!

Written by Kelly McFarland

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