Happy Birthday Diane Guerrero!

Diane Guerrero, most famously known for playing Maritza Ramos on Orange is the New Black, celebrates her 30th birthday today!

Diane plays Maritza alongside her bestie, Jackie Cruz who plays Marisol ‘Flaca’ Gonzales. Not only was Diane in OITNB but she also starred as Lina in Jane the Virgin and will also be in the upcoming movie The Godmother.

Diane also recently published her personal story, In the Country We Love which tells the story of when her parents were detained and deported when she was only 14 years old.

Jackie was quick to send her bestie birthday wishes via Instagram and the caption is so cute! She even wrote #Flaritza, our shipper hearts are screaming! We don’t know who ships Flaritza more, us or them. Make sure to follow Diane and Jackie on Snapchat for more cute pictures like the one Jackie shared in her birthday post below.


To help celebrate Diane’s birthday, we have chose a few of our favourite Diane and Jackie moments.

”If you want more pizza vote for Maritza.”

This scene was definitely one of our favourite Maritza moments, it was hilarious. Maritza and Flaca’s small argument in this scene was so funny, we can’t stop watching it. Maritza’s come back makes us laugh so hard, ”Vote for Flaca, Puta’s full of caca.”  We definitely need to see more of these two in season 5, they are hilarious together.

Girl Talk with Maritza and Flaca

We loved Diane and Jackie’s interview on Galore TV, their friendship is so cute. We especially loved the part when Jackie said she didn’t have many friends in High School and Diane told her to stop lying, they are friendship goals.

The video Jackie posted on Instagram and Snapchat


We love the video Jackie posted on Snapchat and Instagram. They look so cute with Snapchat filter, which is one of our favourites.

The video Jackie posted from when they were at Galore


Jackie loves videoing and posting things on Snapchat, like this video. Diane was casually fixing her dress and boobs with no care in the world, we love her.

The other video Jackie posted on Instagram


We are pretty sure they are drunk in this video and if they aren’t we apologise. We’d love for a Flaritza spin off, just waiting for the day it happens. We think we all had a huge smile on our faces and even died a little inside when we read the ‘She mine 4 real,’ are they trying to kill us?

”That’s my color. I’m wearing it.”

Happy Birthday Diane Guerrero! 1

So we wouldn’t exactly count this as a Flaritza moment but we couldn’t leave it out, plus Flaca is there. ‘Does the way they are looking at each other count as a Flaritza moment? ”That’s my colour. I’m wearing it,” is such a great line.

Their Christmas Pageant audition

Happy Birthday Diane Guerrero! 2

Their dance at the Christmas pageant is one of the cutest Flaritza moments. It was one of the best auditions in our opinion, it was so funny. We loved this episode because there was a few Flaca and Maritza scenes.

Their kiss at Toronto Pride

Happy Birthday Diane Guerrero! 2

There are a lot of Diane and Jackie moments but their kiss at Toronto Pride is definitely our favourite. We think they made the full fandom cry of happiness. We love that they don’t care if fans ship them together or not, they just be themselves.

The Flaritza kiss



Last but not least, the Flaritza kiss. This was the moment when the full Flaritza fandom died of happiness. If you didn’t ship Flaritza before this then you definitely did after this. This is our overall favourite Flaritza moment, and we will never forget it. If they aren’t endgame we will be so mad, they belong together, they are soulmates! Hopefully they will get together in season 5.

It was very hard to only pick a few of our favourites, as there are countless Flaritza moments.

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We once again wish Diane a very happy 30th Birthday, we hope she has an amazing day!

Make sure to wish Diane happy birthday on her Twitter or her Instagram. Also make sure to purchase her book, In the Country We Love, which is out now.







Written by CelebMix