We’re celebrating you today, Harry Styles #HappyBirthdayHarry

For anyone who has been impacted by the force of someone incredible, there’s always a specific moment in life that you find yourself very thankful for. On February 1st, we celebrate one of those moments as Harry Styles celebrates his birthday.

There are certain people in this world who give off light, it’s within them and it shines regardless of what they’re up against or who tries to stand in their way. When it comes to Harry; he was thrust into overnight superstardom and instead of falling victim to his own circumstance, he stood for kindness and compassion, even when people greeted him without it.

Harry has been a signal of hope and a beacon of strength for young adults who needed desperately to find bravery. When he was first placed in One Direction and began receiving unwarranted hate, Harry was sad as he explained that he wished he knew what he did wrong to deserve the unkind things said about him. The video is still heartbreaking to watch.

Today, Harry walks with an air of confidence, not cockiness, as he navigates through the world chasing his dreams and passions and not letting the variety of negative rumors or unfounded stories get him down. Harry knows who he is, the people who love him know who he is, and his fans have always supported the sweet boy with the curls and the dimples and they’ve proven time and time again that they’re not going anywhere.

So today we join fans all across the world in celebrating you, Harry, for just being the person that you are. 

Thank you for unashamedly being yourself and for encouraging your fans and anyone who hears your powerful message to do the same. You’ve become an idol to many people for an indescribable number of reasons but, the one that stands out the most is how you genuinely want people to do well and to embrace what makes them happy. You strive to make the world better in the ways that you can, and sometimes, it’s like you don’t even realize the impact you have and how powerful you are for living with kindness.

Thank you for showing your fans, and people all across the globe, that what people say about you doesn’t define you. You’ve been the center of media scandals and had your name thrown into rumors that held no merit and instead of fighting back or trying to bring other people down, you’ve kept your composure and you’ve let your character speak for itself. You’ve known that your heart is so bright and so full of love that the people who matter have always known, and will always know, the difference between the truth and a fallacy and for you – that is enough.

You don’t have to be the center of the show, even though you often are, and you don’t have to be constantly built up, even though your fans alway see the best in you. You just live day in and day out with a compassionate heart and a generous spirit and in a world like the one we live in, there are few things more important than that.

You’ve stayed close to your family and your friends and you honor the women in your life, strong women who have helped shape who you are today. You also use your voice to make sure the world knows how important it is to help make women everywhere stronger. You do this when you stand up for equality when you take part in actions that encourage women to be the strongest versions of themselves, and you do this when you treat the women in your life with respect and with love; regardless of what magazines and tabloids have to say about your image.

In terms of your image, you don’t use your name to further your career and you don’t use it to take shortcuts on the road to chasing your dreams. You’ve made it a point to work hard and make sure you feel that you’ve earned everything you have and it’s one of the most admirable traits that you possess. You thank every person who helps you succeed as well. From the people who set up One Direction stages to those who carry merch and water bottles. You start from the ground up and you never let anyone leave without feeling that they matter, that they’ve helped you and that they’re important.

You’re a beautiful person, inside and out, and there aren’t enough words in the world to truly describe who you are and what you mean, but we hope you feel as special today as we all believe that you are, and we hope that feeling carries into every single one of your days.

You make all of ours more beautiful and you remind us constantly that we should always be the best versions of ourselves, no matter what we’re faced with and no matter who tries to drag us down. You’ve never fought fire with fire, and you’ve been a driving force for us trying to live our lives with more compassion, more kindness, and more forgiveness – even if just to ensure our own hearts are without stress.

Thank you for setting an example for all of us and for people in Hollywood, you remain untouched by fame and unchanged by your fortune and you still smile with those lovely dimples and to be honest, there’s no one like you in this world. We’re privileged to be fans of yours, Harry.

May 2017 be the year that shows the entire world what so many of us already know. May it be the year that sees your dreams continue to come true and the hard work you constantly do continue to pay off. May it be another year in a series that grant you every wish you’ve ever dreamed and may it continue to bring you love, no one is more worthy of the best parts of life.

Happy Birthday, you deserve the world today and always.

Here’s a birthday video from @Reema, let her know how much you loved it!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.