Happy Birthday Lilly Singh!

Today, September 26th, marks the 28th birthday of YouTuber, comedian, actress, rapper, and all-around unicorn Lilly Singh. To celebrate her birthday, Lilly’s friends in Los Angeles organized a surprise gathering for her at her favourite restaurant. There were even custom cupcakes with sparklers!

Even though Lilly hasn’t quite reached 10 million subscribers yet, her team organized for the delivery of Lilly’s diamond play button from YouTube, and they engraved her signature ‘S’ ring with diamonds! A crazy party involving a popcorn machine, a unicorn floatie, and tons of Skittles went down in Lilly’s apartment (aka ‘The LillyPad’) afterwards. You can watch the full events unfold in Lilly’s vlog from yesterday below.

The past year has been full of well-earned achievements and major developments in Lilly’s professional life, as well as her personal life. She moved away from her family for the first time, leaving the safety of her home in Toronto, Canada to further persue her career goals in Los Angeles. Her world tour documentary, A Trip to Unicorn Island, was officially released on YouTube Red. She reached 9 million subscribers, appeared on billboards across the world, launched a lipstick with Smashbox called Bawse, and collaborated with her lifelong idol, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. She even bought her first car (named ‘Dracarys’ from Game of Thrones).

On top of all of that, Lilly recently began two of the biggest projects of her career to date. She announced that she would be writing a book called How To Be A Bawse, which will be a guide to conquering life, not just surviving it. For the past month or so, Lilly has been documenting the writing process in her daily vlogs. She is in the midst of writing right now, but these ideas have been in her head for much longer. In fact, she sent the first proposal for her book exactly one year ago, on her 27th birthday, as documented in this vlog.

The other major project that Lilly’s launched this year was her #GirlLove campaign. It originally started in late 2015 as a movement dedicated to ending Girl-on-Girl hate and encouraging women to build each other up regularly. While Lilly still believes strongly in this message and is always showing #GirlLove to other women, the movement has morphed into something even larger.

The Girl Love initiative is all about the empowerment of women across the world. It is about coming together and speaking up about important issues that affect the daily lives of women in our society. Some issues that Lilly has been very vocal about include the right for every girl to receive an education, and putting a stop to slut-shaming amongst women.

It is evident in Lilly’s videos, vlogs, and posts on social media that #GirlLove is a cause that’s very close to her heart. That’s why she decided to create the #GirlLove Rafiki bracelets in partnership with Me to We. Every bracelet made is employing women in Kenya and the proceeds are sending their daughters to school. Lilly said that she would want nothing more for her birthday than to have people buy these Rafikis and support this cause.

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Today is my birthday! I'm grateful to have lived such a fulfilling and meaningful life thus far filled with amazing experiences and opportunities. This year for my birthday, I don't want to receive any gifts because truthfully I'm already very spoiled and privileged in life. Instead, I am asking you to gift someone who needs it much more than I do. Please purchase a #GirlLove Rafiki today and support women's education in Kenya. The creation of these bracelets not only employs 1400 women but it also gives girls the opportunity to access secondary education. To buy your Rafiki, visit we.org/GirlLove or click the link in my bio. I'm blown away by all the support we've already received and have no doubt that together we can change the world ???? #ThankYouForTheWishes #WereInThisTogether #FourDaysLeft

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Along with purchasing the #GirlLove Rafikis by the thousands, fans have been showing Lilly some birthday love all day on Twitter under the hashtag #HappyBirthdayLilly.

There have also been several fan video compilations, including this one.

To celebrate Lilly’s birthday, we put together a short list of some of our favourite videos of hers from the past year. Trust us, it was impossible to narrow down!

1. Voices

Five very different songs, each reflecting a voice in Lilly’s head, come together in one video with a powerful message.

2. Newly Friend Game (ft. Selena Gomez)

Seeing Lilly get to hang out with one of her idols and and try to keep her intense fangirling under control was one of the best things to watch, ever.

3. 5 Reasons You WILL Succeed

One of our favourite things about Lilly is how she is always able to inspire others to work for their dreams, especially through motivational videos like this one, filmed on a beach in Italy.

4. Lilly on Jimmy Fallon- My Parents React

Seeing Lilly on the Tonight Show was amazing, but watching Paramjeet react to Lilly finally “looking like a girl” and Manjeet calling Jimmy Fallon his brother was hilarious!

5. A DISS TRACK AGAINST MYSELF (Roast Yourself Challenge)

In an attempt to get Ryan Higa to go on a date with her, Lilly roasts everything about herself, from her upper lip hair to her love handles.

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Everyone here at CelebMix would like to wish Lilly a very happy 28th birthday. Thank you for always making us laugh, motivating to keep hustling, and teaching us how to be bawses and unicorns at the same time. Remember, the #GirlLove Rafiki bracelets are available for purchase until September 30th here.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.