Happy Birthday, Tristan Evans – Five Reasons Why We Love Him

Known for his phenomenal drumming talents in The Vamps, Tristan Evans is celebrating his 22nd birthday today. To celebrate here are just five of the reason why we absolutely adore him.

5. His drumming talents

Each tour we’ve been blessed with a drum solo from Tris and every time we’ve been left speechless at just how talented he is. Drummers sadly seem to get a lot less recognition than other members of the band and Tris truly deserves a whole lot more than he gets. For example, watch the Wake Up World Tour drum solo above, we always find ourselves wanting to get up and have a dance (just like the other boys did side stage every night!).

4. His fashion sense

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It’s fair to say The Vamps are never going to be one of those bands who step on stage in matching outfits (Take That, we’re looking at you!) and that’s probably due to their own unique fashion sense. Tristan’s being the most unique of them all. He puts us to shame managing to pull off pretty much every outfit ever, from leather look trousers to some er really interesting top choices. Teach us your ways, please?

3. His rapping skills

Recently on the Wake Up World Tour we witnessed Tristan’s rapping skills during Volcano. We love a guy with multiple talents and honestly? This was one which many of us had no clue Tristan was such a pro at. Let’s hope it makes an appearance on album number three!

2. He absolutely loves Dobby

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The Vamps are all big animal lovers, we’ve seen that from the variety of pets they own between them. But Dobby the dachshund and Tristan’s friendship could be the cutest of the band-pet friendships yet. The pocket-sized loveable pooch often appears in Instagrams and Snapchats with the boys, with Tris doting over him more than we can physically take. We love how much love Tris has for Dobby and we can’t help but love him even more because of it.

1. He’s extremely down to earth

Tristan as with the other The Vamps guys is extremely down to earth. From his reaction to meeting Gordon Ramsay to when he referred to TayTay as his bestie at the end of their tour with them, he’s just like us when around these megastars. We absolutely love how he doesn’t try to hide his excitement during opportunities like these and appreciates every single bit of love he gets from fans. As a band it’s fair to say The Vamps care massively for their adoring fans, from their on tour thank you speeches to the amount of time they spend meeting everyone, Tristan is no exception to this and it never fails to put a smile on our faces.

From all of us at CelebMix we’d like to wish Tristan a wonderful birthday, send him some lovely tweets @TheVampsTristan. What do you love about Tristan? Tweet us @CelebMix!

Written by Nicola Craig

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