Harry Styles and Gender Norms

Well, that Harry Styles is a bit bloody brilliant isn’t he? From the majestic Rapunzel hair to his active support of the LGBT community, to the raspy vocals and imminent stage presence he delivers at every gig that leaves both parent and teenager alike in awe – the whole world seems to love him.

He’s just outrageously wonderful, isn’t he?

Something the young demographic that makes up the majority of his fan base have began to notice, besides how efficiently he delivers during the final verse of “Drag Me Down”, is his rejection of gender norms.

Now, in case you’ve been living under a rock the past few million years, gender norms are a social concept constructed by our evolving society. In other words, since the beginning of time men were thought to be masculine only and did all things deemed too difficult for women to handle. Women dressed up and took the more feminine role, wearing makeup and sporting dresses. Even now, all genders are criticised for their refusal of submitting to gender norms. It’s normal; education is taught, after all, not born.

Thankfully, the every growing popularity of social media enables all generations access to information on all things gender and sexuality that many would not have known because of the discriminating, stereotype-heavy society we are born into.

Harry Styles has fallen victim to the media’s similar love of stereotypes; pinned with the typical ‘masculine’ stereotype of a young man in the spotlight. By that, I mean using women and treating them like dirt. All you have to do is Google his name and you’ll see for yourself. Harry has sadly been deemed many things since the band was even put together because of this.

The reality, however, is the opposite.

"We feel like that objectifies women and that's not really what we're about."
“We feel like that objectifies women and that’s not really what we’re about.”

Recently, Harry was also spotted in L.A donning striped low-waisted YSL jeans for women. He also turned up to see ‘The Rolling Stones’ in an animal print sheer, also from YSL’s women’s section.

Styles also painted both index fingers red at a recent One Direction concert (I’m more a mint green fan, myself).

Glitter, patterned and heeled boots also seem to be a preference of his.

As as a member of the LGBTQIA community, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see a celebrity of such high scale rock a good painted nail or ‘female’ clothing with little to no care.

We live in a time when transgender, homosexual and non-binary folk are still being jailed and punished for their gender/sexuality. It is “our choice” – we “choose” to live lives full of discrimination. Breaking free of roles inflicted upon us and fighting prejudice all our lives gets tiring, sometimes.

And then there’s Harry Styles. He will, and is, going to have a big impact. His position means people want to listen to him. They see him in feminine clothing. They see him promoting #HeForShe and #LoveWins. They see his love and acceptance. They see him defying every single stereotype set upon the young celebrity male there is to break.

Harry Styles is a great human being, really. His looks are only the top of many layers to him that are ignored. He inspires millions every day, for some he is their only source of happiness. A lot of young people struggle with accepting themselves and for them to see their idol oozing confidence whilst donning typically feminine attire, it means something.

His simple but formidable ways will go on to not only impact but inspire many people. And I think that is possibly the most beautiful thing about him.

All the love.

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EDIT: Thanks Mrs. Twist!!

Written by CelebMix