Harry Styles: Britain’s Best Dressed Man GQ

Fans of One Direction have long known and acknowledged Harry Styles as a fashion icon.  From his casual wear to his red carpet looks Styles is always dressed to impress and it’s done so effortlessly – he looks good in absolutely everything!

When GQ asked who Britain’s best dressed man of 2015 was – people began to vote for their most fashionable icons and Styles quickly made his way up the list.  Once the voting period was over and the magazine tallied up the results, Styles won, and by a landslide.  His highest position before this was number six in 2014.  In 2015 he finished out the year as number one – and with more votes than anyone else had ever received.

He truly is a vision.

As Harry has grown a bit older and a bit more comfortable in his own skin; his fashion choices have become more admirable, less complacent, and a lot more fun.  We imagine the line for designers knocking at his door is longer than the line of fans queuing at a One Direction concert.

From his sparkly boots to his tight jeans and those see-through button up shirts on stage to his fitted suit jackets, slightly flared trousers, and shined up shoes on the red carpet; and even those white jeans he frequently adorns at the airport – we completely agree that Styles deserved best dressed man of 2015 and look forward to watching him grow with fashion in 2016.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.