Our favourite 1940’s Harry Styles edits

Soldier Harry seems to become a reality sooner rather than later, with the first (extremely blurry) pics from Mr. Styles on the set of Christopher Nolan’s war movie Dunkirk surfacing yesterday. While we’re still not entirely sure what exactly Hazza’s new haircut is – Harry, if you read this, send some HQs our way please – we do know one thing: Harry has cut his luscious locks – and donated them to charity of course.

Put those two facts together, add some massively talented One Direction fans and there you have it, the root of all our pain and suffering: 1940’s short-haired Harry edits.

We’re here to drag you down with us, so get yourself something to drink and make sure you’re properly seated, because this might get a bit painful.

Let’s start it off with HazStylesTrash‘ edits. You might have read our recent feature on Kris, and the following edits will prove that we weren’t exaggerating when we called her incredibly talented. Whether you want to see Harry Styles on a battlefield, a proper photograph of him in his army gear or a more casual 1940’s outfit (we love the braces), Kris is here to cater to your every need.



But Kris is not the only one who got inspired by the news of Harry’s role in Dunkirk. At LouisLovesTea on Instagram, 16-year-old Nyomie shares her editing skills with her 4.5k followers and we are eternally grateful for that. If this is what Harry’s hair looks like now, we’re more than okay with it.


And then we have the_dimples_direction on Instagram, where an anonymous fan shares incredible Harry Styles edits. This one of soldier Harry in a trench looks like it’s straight from a movie poster.


This account also takes the prize for Most Painfully Cute edit, with this masterpiece of Harry Styles rescuing a kitten. We wouldn’t mind if Christopher Nolan would take some inspiration from this edit while writing the script for Dunkirk.


What are your thoughts on Harry’s short locks? And how excited are you to see him star alongside Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh in Dunkirk? Come talk to us over at @CelebMix and @CelebMix1D on Twitter!


Written by CelebMix