How Harry Styles Brought A Rainbow to Life #ProjectHomeHarryDay

One of the most beautiful, honest, and admirable people in this world goes by the name Harry Styles.  From his outer beauty – that’s only highlighted by the compassion in his heart – he’s truly a sight to be seen both on and off stage.  For a lot of fans, Harry has given them more than just a hero to look up to, he’s given them a sense of belonging, of hope, and of home.

Project Home has inspired us all to look at Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall and be more thankful for who they are as people, for the stories they’ve shared and the life they’ve given us along the way.  Harry has changed the meaning of many things for his fans – most importantly – Harry has taken a rainbow and given it life.

For his vibrancy and his love and his sense of self – we wanted to thank Harry for the way he’s changed something already beautiful into something truly magnificent.  We wanted to say thank you from a fan base that wouldn’t be the same if he didn’t give us so much inspiration every day.

How Harry Styles Brought A Rainbow to Life #ProjectHomeHarryDay 1

‘When we think of rainbows, we no longer close our eyes and envision a beautiful display of color against a blue sky; we envision you.

Red for your passion, your power and your love. Love that transcends the normal capacity of the human heart and shows us all what it means to be extraordinary.
Orange for your sweet with a hint of sour, the enthusiasm you possess just for being alive.
Yellow for your happiness and light and home, yellow for the way you illuminate the hearts of everyone that you touch. Yellow is my favorite color, which is fitting for my favorite person.
Green for your longevity, for the way you find beauty in even the smallest things. Green for your love of everything in this world; it’s people, it’s oceans, it’s flowers. Green for your youth and the way it sometimes shines in your eyes.
Blue for your calming spirit and the way it’s given so many of us a home. For the way you live so freely under the sky, the same one we all look up to and see no matter where in the world we are. Blue for the way it will always bring us to you and for the depth of your spirit and how inspiring you are.
Indigo for your creativity, for the way you take experience and turn it into words, into music, into songs that take us out of our own confusion and show us that life makes sense if you take a moment to look at it from a fresh perspective.
Violet for your compassion, your depth, and the way you can take the darkness and make it less intimidating. Violet for the rich sound of your voice and the way your positive words can be heard long after you’ve said them. Violet for the way being around you feels comfortable, violet for the way you make every single one of us feel like magic in our own way.

You put together all the colors and you exist in them so freely; letting us know that it’s okay to embrace our colors too – our violet’s and green’s and indigo’s too and let them speak of our truth, our love, and our light.

You’ve given us all a rainbow of our own, one that doesn’t just show up after a storm but one we can hear in the words of songs like Fireproof and Hey Angel. A rainbow we can see on stage as you tell us all to do what makes us happiest in the world. A rainbow that we can feel when you lean down to lend us a hug or a whisper of encouragement and show gratitude for people who help you make your own dreams come true.

You’ve given us Home, a place to feel safe and loved and worthy, and we only hope to have given you the same. It’s hard to look at the progression of the world and see beauty in it sometimes, and during those times, all we have to do is look at you and know that it exists.

You’re safety, you’re truth, you’re strength – you’re the words to our favorite songs and the melody that sits behind them and sometimes you’re the driving force behind what motivates us to be our best selves.  Honestly – there’s not a way more beautifully to live your life.

You’ve figured it out, you’ve seen the good and the bad, the fame and the solitude and you’ve chosen to be yourself no matter what that means and for us, for the group of people all across the world that you’ve provided safety and love to; that’s more than we ever could have asked for in a person we admire. We get to see you be an unapologetic, strong, compassionate, and inspiring individual and we are so grateful for who you are both on stage and off.

Thank you, H, for giving home a new meaning to a group of people who didn’t really have one before. Thanks for the love and the excitement along the way, and thanks for being the rainbow that inspires all of us to see the color, the truth, and the beauty in every single day.’

We want you to do what makes you happiest in this world.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.