Haven’t heard of Delena yet? You will soon…

Ukrainian-born Delena is fast making a name for herself in the alt-pop world as one of the most exciting new names on the UK scene. Her unique brand of darkly sophisticated pop has already got heads turning from the likes of Wonderland and Popjustice, and new single ‘SOS’ proves that she isn’t going to be letting up the momentum anytime soon.

With ‘SOS’, Delena taps into a common consciousness in an unsettled world – that of emergency. Using carefully chosen lexical choices, Delena has crafted the ultimate anthem for a world in a state of panic. ‘SOS’ is both the cry for help of a damsel in distress, and also the answering call. Full of raw female attitude, it’s an unapologetic pop hit that’s sure to resonate with audiences across the globe. It’s a song of empowerment in which, by admitting that help is needed, you can also save yourself.

Musically, ‘SOS’ is inspired, ensuring that the track can hold its own amongst the greatest of kiss-off anthems. The lead-in to the chorus is characterised by a marching drum, signalling Delena’s powerful intention and, when the chorus finally kicks in, it’s with a killer bassline which sets the track off, ensuring that this is set to be a staple of the dancefloor this summer. The Daft Punk/Nile Rodgers-esque bassline is relentless throughout the rest of the song, complementing the vocal melody perfectly to create the ultimate dance track with a strong urgent message.

Of the song, Delena herself says, “‘SOS’ is a song based on my own personal experience. I wanted to say, enough is enough. Sometimes, we all need an emergency button.

“My hope is that I can release a strong energy with my music,” she continues. “I want to prove to others that wherever you come from, you can succeed. There are no boundaries anymore in the world and right now we all need to dream of doing something extraordinary. I come from Ukraine, a country that has always suffered and struggled, yet is proud like me. I want to say, ‘Guys, it’s okay. You just have to have faith and reach out.’”

Listen to ‘SOS’ below and add it to your quarantine playlist!

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Written by Emma

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