Headstones make a triumphant return to the UK

The last time the Headstones played a live gig in the U.K. they were technically a 5 piece and that was well over a decade ago.

Now, as a newly formed 6 piece consisting of Hugh Dillon, Trent Carr, Tim White, Steve Carr, Rickerd Van Dyk and Lyle Mozlan that all changed with a triumphant returned to the country’s capital for a one off show at 229 The Venue.

Hugh Dillon

Fans travelled in not just from the U.K, but from all over the globe including Canada, USA, Spain, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Ireland many hyped for this chance to see their favourite band live for the first time.

As the tension built and show time drew ever more closer the atmosphere in the room became electric and as the band hit the stage and the first cords of Binthiswayforyears roared out of the amazing sound system with clear and precise perfection the whole place erupted, you could just tell that not only were the fans stoked to be there but the band were too, you could just sense that this show was just that little bit more special from the get go.

Headstones Triumphant Return To The UK 3

Adding to this exceptional night the fans not only got to hear firm hard core favourite songs such as Something Stands For Nothing, Longwaytoneverland, Unsound, Tweeter and Cubically Contained it was nice to see Cut Me Up and Judy make it back onto the setlist after a long hiatus, but the band also premiered two new songs off their up and coming and as of yet untitled new album due for release Spring 2017. Leaving fans hoping that this would be subject to a Pledge campaign.

Headstones Triumphant Return To The UK 4

Captainoftheshitoutaluck & Devil’s On Fire are absolutely mind blowing, they are on a whole new level being tighter, richer and just that little bit more harder with the added extra guitar but still keeping that true Headstones in your face signature, and if these songs are any indication to the rest of the material on the album fans are in for a serious rock and roll treat.

Headstones Triumphant Return To The UK 5

With their long standing anthem Cemetary bringing this show to an end the Headstones sounded absolutely fantastic from start to finish and the energy they projected rolled off the audience in waves only going to prove that they had placed their stamp on the capital with a totally impressive night of their style of punk rock music, not one person left that venue disappointed, the band really truly out did themselves, it has to go down as one of their best gigs ever.

And closely off the back of this gig 4 dates for shows back in the band’s home country of Canada have just been announced.

Find out more on their official website.

Written by Karon Hagon

Love all types of music but mainly punk rock and roll.....nothing better then live gigs.....I also play the drums.