Here Are Some Quick Ways to Make a Guitar Unique

Owning a guitar may be your first step to rock stardom, but it doesn’t end there. Every person who owns a guitar wants to make it personal and stand out from others. That’s part of what rock is all about. Even if your dreams aren’t about becoming a big star, the guitar is always important.

Finding the right guitar is the first step, as mentioned, but you still want to deck it out and make it yours. Here are the quick ways to make your new instrument uniquely you.

Decals and stickers

The simplest, but often most effective way to add a little bit of you to your instrument, is by slapping on some stickers and decals. By putting these on your guitar, you can express your personality. Activism stickers, band logos, and even custom decals can help turn your setup into a really cool and really personal one. Having a guitar that expresses who you are can help give you confidence when performing, too. 

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New paint job

You fell in love with the color when you bought it, but now, you need something new. Changing up the paint job on your guitar can be a simple, but fun way to spend some time reimagining what you want it to look like. Stencils and spray paint are a great way to quickly add a design to it and quickly get the job done. It’s good to take off the strings and cover the essential parts, like the saddle or bridge, to not harm them.

Make guitar picks

This doesn’t mean you need to forge the plastic of the pick yourself. You should just create custom ones with drawing or painting. Drawing and painting a guitar pick is easy because of how small it is, and how easy it can be to include a nice design. The best part is that guitar picks are very cheap, or even free from people you know, so there’s an endless amount of personalizing you can do to improve your guitar sessions. 

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Replace the parts

As mentioned, many parts on the guitar are important that you don’t want to get messy if you paint it. The other solution to this problem is to replace the parts altogether. Changing the strings, frets, bridge, or head can help you create an entirely new guitar setup without having to buy a new guitar body. Changing up these parts allows you to learn more about the process of making a guitar, and allows you to learn how to change it up whenever you want to replace a part that breaks. Colorful strings or a new bridge seem small, but the changes could tie the whole instrument together.

If you’re looking to buy a guitar, consider the look of the instrument as much as you consider how well it works. Personalizing your instrument is a crucial way to make it feel like more of a unique piece than a generic guitar. These tips will help you turn your guitar into something that truly represents you.

Written by Monella