Michael Clifford: The Man Behind The Guitar

Michael Clifford the guitar player. Michael Clifford the funny one. Michael Clifford the one battling depression? When you go past the outside perception of the 5SOS lead guitarist you will find a man fighting a battle with himself, a man who would rather battle than disappoint. He would rather fight his own battles than disappoint his family, his fans.

Michael Clifford has a strong connection and relationship with his fans. He relates with them more than either of them even knows. As a teenager Michael was often alone in his bedroom playing video games hiding from the world. Struggling with the ‘norm’ of staying in school and ignoring the voice telling him to follow his passion. The same struggles his fans face on a daily basis.

“It’s unbelievable how you can affect someone so deeply and never know.”

2013 was a huge year for Michael and his band mates. Getting to be the opening act of One Direction, the biggest band in the world is something most only dream of. After two years of being the support act the band was finally able to do their own tour. The headlining band touring across the globe seems surreal and something a band from Australia can only dream about.

Although the boys of 5SOS have reached a status of fame only grasped by some, the appreciation and love they have for their fans has only grown.

In 2015 the boys released their 2nd studio album, Sounds Good, Feels Good. Michael wrote on this album, just as he did with their first album. When we first heard it, there was something a little different about Michael’s songs. They were written with more emotion, more love, more sadness.

Calum and Michael co-wrote “Jet Black Heart”, the third single off Sounds Good, Feels Good. In the song you can hear the battle of emotions he is feeling, the emptiness and lack of self worth. In the video you see different fans from around the world dealing with a daily struggle sometimes not seen from the outside. When you listen and watch it, it’s telling you its okay to not be okay sometimes.

“Real bands save fans, real fans save bands.”


There is a bond between Michael and his fans, a bond some of us can’t understand but a bond that is beautiful. A bond that is much deeper than music. One built on knowing you’re not alone and that there is someone who cares for you when you feel like no one else does.

We love you Michael, and that whatever bumps are in your road we know you will pass them and be stronger than before.

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Written by Amber Nordberg

I'm 25, living life and loving the adventure. Lover of One Direction and 5SOS. Find me on Twitter, @ambernordberg