Hey Violet Release Brand New Moves EP

Hey Violet’s newest and latest EP titled “Brand New Moves” is finally here and we couldn’t be more happier. We’re finally able to listen to the band’s new music.

It’s about time right?

But we’re not the only ones that have been waiting (im)patiently for new music. The Ultraviolets have been waiting for quite some time too and well, the wait is finally over.

We know what you’re thinking though – is this really Hey Violet?

Yes, it is! The band decided to experiment on new sounds, completely different from their first EP and we’re in love with the new vibe.

Every single track on the new EP is something we’ve grown an emotional attachment to (seriously!)

Our personal favourite? Definitely “Fuqboi” and “Brand New Moves Stripped”. Honestly those songs are such a bop, we’ve had them on repeat since the EP was released.

Don’t get us wrong though, we love all the other tracks as well (but Fuqboi and Brand New Moves Stripped a little bit more than the others).

Who are we kidding? We’ve been jamming to the EP all day long! Those tracks are absolute fire!

So what exactly are you waiting for? If you’ve preordered the Brand New Moves EP, you are now free to listen to it!

If you haven’t? Go buy it! Or if you’re not able to, listen to the EP via the Spotify link down below!


What are your thoughts on the Brand New Moves EP? Let us know by tweeting us @CelebMix.

Written by Ellie Doe-Demosse

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