Hey Violet Release Edgy New Single “Break My Heart”

Our fave alt-pop band Hey Violet have released yet another single titled “Break My Heart”, and let us tell you honestly, it’s a banger. Seriously, we’ve had Break My Heart on repeat all day long, because we cannot get enough of the intoxicating new tune.

Hearing the beginning guitar riff that started off the song, immediately captured our undivided attention, and had us dancing well into two in the morning (no, seriously). And as soon as the beat dropped right before the chorus, we knew this would almost immediately become our new favourite song from the band, much like all the other songs they’ve released.

What we love most about the band’s new single is that it’s new, it’s edgy, and it’s definitely a song that will easily get you out of any funk. Break My Heart fits right into the alt-pop category and the band’s image and sound. We love that the band is still trying out different sounds, stepping into different boundaries, and finding who they are as Hey Violet. Their latest singles and 2016 EP “Brand New Moves”, are different from what we heard on their 2015 EP “I Can Feel It”, as the band is stepping out of their comfort zone, breaking boundaries, and setting a new status quo.

The band have just kicked off their headline North American tour, hitting different cities and performing to different crowds every night. They’ve also just finished filming a music video (for Break My Heart we presume), which you can definitely bet we’re excited for. We’re also excited for their long-awaited debut studio album and think about it, if Hey Violet have just released another single it means we’re one step closer to hearing their entire LP.

Yeah, bet you didn’t take that in did you?

Overall, we love the vibe and the sound that Break My Heart gives off. We highly recommend you buy this banging new single on iTunes now, or stream it on Spotify!

What do you think of the band’s newest eccentric single? Have you had it on repeat all day like we have? Let us know your thoughts over on our Twitter (@CelebMix).

Written by Ellie Doe-Demosse

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