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High School Musical: Will There Ever Be A Reunion?

This year officially marks the tenth anniversary of the original High School Musical and it’s not surprising if you suddenly feel a lot older than you did prior. With that being said, it adds the speculation of if there will ever be a reunion.

In our young hearts, we pray and we hope for a reunion to an extent where another movie is made but it all comes down to the people behind the scenes. Are they willing to go back to the drawing board and create another movie?

The cast have made it clear with their posts on social media that they’ve kept in contact.

At the premiere of The Decendents last year, some of the cast were brought back together for the evening.

Lucas Grabeel, who played Ryan, posted this on his Instagram.

And Ashley Tisdale, who played his onset sister, Sharpay, posted this.

The cast are all grown up now and onto their own ventures. There has not been actual word that there will be another movie, but we hope at some point the cast are reunited on set as the roles the world knows and loves them for.

Tisdale spoke with MTV News early last year about the possibility of a reunion, saying, ‘we’re all trying to have our own personal reunion just to see each other’.

‘As for a reunion, I have no idea,’ Tisdale added, ‘it would be interesting to do a 25-year reunion.’

Vanessa Hudgens, however, has different thoughts on the idea.

‘It cracks me up how everyone keeps asking about the reunion,’ Hudgens told toofab.com. ‘I love my cast and have nothing but amazing memories from the experiences we all had together.’

‘But, unfortunately, I think where we left is where it ends’. High School Musical: Will There Ever Be A Reunion? 1

What a way to ruin all our hopes and dreams.

The fans believe there will be a reunion at East High, but do you? Comment your thoughts below or tweet us @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix