We spoke with HomeTown’s fans to find out why they love them so much

HomeTown are an Irish boy band who are taking the world by storm! They don’t only have fans from Ireland and the U.K, but from around the world too. We spoke to some of their fans asking why they loved them so much, and here’s what they said.

Esther | 16 | Taiwan – “I think a mere thank you is not enough because you guys have not only changed my life, but also changed me. I had lost hope in life since school work was tough and the Asian stereotype was hooked onto me, even though I didn’t want it at all. I had always hated boy bands, but when my friend introduced me to HomeTown, I realized that I had found what I was looking for. To me, you guys aren’t just a boy band, seeing as I still don’t like boy bands. But HomeTown speaks to me through their actions and music to make me realize that I have something to love for and that love will go on in my life. They showed me where I belonged and that when I cry for help, someone will be there for me.”

Nurul | 18 | Malaysia – “The reason why I love HomeTown is because they are the most talented Irish lads I have ever known. Each of them have a melodious voice and everytime they sing together, it sounds magical and unique. It is also the reason why I can’t stop smiling.”

Lucy | 16 | UK – “I love how HomeTown are with their fans. Whenever they meet them they’re always kind and caring, not minding giving hugs and taking pictures. Not only that but they’re also very active with fans on all forms of social media, whether it be Twitter, Instagram, etc. The fact they take the time out of their day to comminicate with fans is something that really stands out to me in regards to this boyband. You can clearly show how much they care, and it’s a lot. It’s a beautiful thing to see from an artist.

Another reason I love HomeTown is because of their music, it’s beautiful. Their voices are awe-inspiring, whether it be a member singing along or when they sing together. Both are something that really should be appreciated as it’s such a beautiful thing. Their voices are definitely something that should be appreciated and loved, and I do.”

Zayna | 20 | Palestine – “I love HomeTown because although each of them have something unique about them, they all share the same down to earth qualities, they’re just six genuinely kind and humble guys who love joking around and having a good laugh with each other and with their fans. They treat their fans as friends and do so many things to make us happy all the time, I really like the close bond we have with them, like talking to them isn’t like talking to a celebrity, you feel closer to them than that, you joke around and they do it back and it’s a really a nice thing to see.

I love how hilarious they are, they’re never afraid to be who they are too and I find that really admiring.

I love how because of HomeTown, I’ve met so many amazing people who make me laugh time and time again and even try to help me with whatever is worrying me, thanks to the lads, I found people from around the world who understand me and make me smile.

I also love HomeTown’s incredible vocals, like each of them have a unique voice so when they sing together it’s like magic, you can’t really find a boyband in the music industry right now who sound like HomeTown and that’s what I like about them. They can sing literally anything and find a way to make it vocally incredible and their harmony is always perfect. I really really love their songs and covers, their talent is unreal.

I love how hard working and motivated they are, they’re always working hard to achieve their dreams and give more to the fans and make them happy and I find that really admiring.

I also love how amazing HomeTown treat their fans when they meet them, I’ve never gotten the chance to meet HomeTown but the one thing I hear repeatedly from so many fans who have met them is:
“The lads smiled so big when they saw me”, “They gave me a big hug and asked if I wanted a picture”, “they’re all so kind and kept making jokes”. It’s really nice to see several comments like these about your favorite boyband, it makes you wanna meet them even more, I even heard their live shows are so worth it and amazing to go to, so I hope one day I get the chance to hear them live.

And last but not least, I love how happy they make me, like I really can’t imagine my life without making videos and edits for HomeTown, it’s entertaining and it gets my mind off any bad things going on in my life, and I just wanna thank HomeTown for coming into my life and giving me that chance to forget my worries. Whether it’s through their music, banter and amazing work they do for us, they give me so much happiness when I need it the most and for that, I’m grateful.”

Sahira | 16 | Argentina – “The first thing that caught my attention about HomeTown was their voices and their original type of music, because every song is different and catchy in its own way. And within a week, I was also in love with their personalities. They are so humble, funny, spontaneous, talented, caring and beautiful in all aspects. I admire the way they treat their fans and the way they love each other. Amazing friendship and amazing band!”

Emma | 15 | UK – “I love HomeTown because they are such nice, genuine lads. They all have amazing voices and help loads of people through things, including me. They are all special in their own ways. I also love how much time they have for their fans.”

Brianna | 21 | America – “I love HomeTown because their vocals and harmonies and they can help me smile in so many special and random ways.”

Suze | 17 | UK – “I love HomeTown because they are so loving to all their fans and are such amazing, talented people.”

Megan | 14 | UK – “HomeTown are so amazing, they also put their fans first. They are so talented and they love us as much as we love them. When you need someone they will always be there to make you smile. When I feel alone, I know that they are there and that makes me so happy. When I first met them they seemed over the moon to see everyone there, they are the most genuine boys ever, and I love them with all of my heart.”

Katy | 14 | UK – “I love HomeTown because they make me so happy and make me laugh, not only that but they also make my cry with laughter. They are so strong as a band and this is why I love them.”

Weronika | 15 | Poland – “HomeTown are an Irish band which I discovered on YouTube with their cover of ‘Drag Me Down’. There are not many people in my country who know of them, however, I think if they do it’s because of their song ‘The Night We Met’ because it was written by Liam Payne.

I love these boys for their amazing voices which due to their covers you can tell are their real, unedited voices. This is what conquered my heart. I also love them for their character. The are funny, nice and honest. They also respect their fans a lot. Due to social media, they connect with them a lot and have a very close relationship with fans. They are like a friend, not an idol. With Twitter we can talk to them and it’s an amazing feeling because they are our idols.

HomeTown are also intelligent and talented, they love what they do. You can tell this by how passionate and amazing their music is. They make me smile.

They also have many talents besides from just singing. For example, Dayl is a very good dancer. They can play guitar, sing, dance, write songs and many other things.

I wish them a good luck in the future with their career and believe that if you don’t know who they are, you should check them out. I love them.”

Ale | 24 | Mexico – “I love HomeTown not only because they’re incredibly talented, or because they have the most amazing voices in the world, I love them because they’re more than a band, they’re a family. They love their fans like no other band does, and they do everything that they can do for us, and sometimes they make the impossible possible just for us. I love them because they’re just them. Dean, Ryan, Josh, Brendan, Dayl and Cian. Every single one with their unique essence, and are amazing.”

These are just some of the many reasons why people love HomeTown. From their personalities to their voices, what’s not to love? Do you love them? If the answer is yes, let us know why by tweeting us @CelebMix. We’d love to hear what you have to say.

Written by CelebMix