The Tension
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Hotel Garuda Releases Debut EP, ‘The Tension’

Los Angeles-based producer Hotel Garuda, aka Aseem Mangaokar, introduces his debut EP, entitled The Tension, via Mom+Pop Music.

Speaking to the EP, the artist shares, “This EP distills a year-long introspection into 4 pieces of music. The name of the EP comes from the tension I felt between being my truest self, and also putting on the persona that listeners had come to associate with Hotel Garuda. For a while now, I’d felt disconnected with the electronic music scene inasmuch as I had a hard time finding music that really stimulated me. I needed to break out of the confines that had been forced on me as a stereotypical “producer/DJ”. This meant being more involved in songwriting as well as singing on every song.”

Born in Mumbai and raised in an immigrant family, Aseem grew up under the umbrella of expectations and cultural stereotypes, which he had to overcome. Later, he attended Occidental College, followed by continuing to develop in unique sound.

His talent resulted in requests for official remixes from stars such as Lorde, Lana Del Ray, Kaskade, Galantis, and BANKS, among many others. He’s performed at Electric Forest, Coachella, HARD Summer, Shambhala, EDC Las Vegas, Miami Music Week, and Snowglobe. Recently signed to Mom+Pop Music, The Tension reveals his beguiling talent.

Encompassing four-tracks, The Tension begins with “Rush,” opening on oscillating synths flowing into a deliciously impelling rhythm. A shimmering breakdown topped by Aseem’s rich falsetto shifts the steam of the music with a delicious pause, and then ramps back up to surging washes of color.

“Mutual” rides glistening, oozing tones on a pulsing kick drum, followed by potently luscious stammering synths. Aseem’s voice ranges from a silky falsetto to a honeyed melodicism, while the tune gallops forward on a dance-inducing beat.

“Olivia” starts off on remote tangs segueing to low-slung sparkling coloration crowned by vibrant, blooming textures. The final track, “Leave You,” pack a hefty EDM punch, rolling out on thick, pungent tones on the crest of a brawny rhythm pulsing with muscular oomph. Gently luminous breakdowns inject the tune with soft bouquets, enhancing the gusto of the song.

The Tension is grandly wrought, delivering potent seams of tantalizing dance momentum, as well as plush vocals.

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Written by Randy

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