How Claire Richards “Claireoke” has helped fans during the lockdown

Claire Richards has a phenomenal voice, she makes great cakes ( we know this for a fact) and she’s been helping keep her fans spirits up during lockdown by doing “Claireoke”.

Claireoke is quite simple, it’s Claire belting out some of her personal favourite songs. She’s been uploading the videos to her social channels.

This week in the UK it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, the theme is kindness, Claire’s videos have been helping boost her fans spirits when they’ve been struggling during the lockdown.

Recently Claire posted an extremely candid and honest post, where she was extremely open with her fans. She told them how she very nearly didn’t do a Claireoke that week as she’d been struggling with the reality of lockdown and felt like she had hit a brick wall.

I’ve got to be honest with you all – I was almost going to skip recording #Claireaoke for you guys today. Like so many of you, I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall because of lockdown and found the last few days incredibly tough.

Claire Richards

She went on to then say she had watched a video that Claire Richards Central had done in collaboration with many of her fans, where they thanked her for Claireoke and generally just sent her lovely supportive messages. In the video, her fans thanked her for bringing smiles to people’s faces during the lockdown.

It was watching the video they so kindly did that helped her find the confidence and inspired her to do the video that week. What we think is lovely is Claire started her videos as a way to give people a boost, and when she needed one her fans were there to lend a helping hand and show her just how much she is loved and thankful they were for her videos.

For more info on Mental Health Awareness week, check out the website!

Written by Kelly McFarland

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