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How Music Can Be Used To Convey Mood

Music is one of the most intriguing creations that people have ever had. The different pitches and tones can influence almost any situation, but much of it is considerably more personal, depending on the song and circumstance. Most importantly, though, music can be used as a way to control the mood of an audience. 

Music can force you to feel things

Think about when you sit down and watch a film, and particular actions begin to take place. You hear drums and really fast-paced music, and all of a sudden, the adrenaline starts to pump, so you start getting more excited as it feels as if the action is rising to a crescendo. Part of this is related to how people use music as filmmakers know how to convey mood by clever placement of certain tracks and instruments. It is almost subliminal as your brain will make unconscious connections between the music and the events and use it as a reference point. In many ways, it is very clever to think about how directors manage it, but it is entirely unsurprising. 

Character association

It is slightly different, but one way film writers have sought to make connections with an audience is by giving particular characters their own distinctive theme. The main idea behind this is so the audience can anticipate something about to happen and if it relates to one of their favorite characters, that is even better. Take the soundtrack for Orphan Black and the jarring, almost radio crackle you would hear whenever Helena would appear on the screen. Because this music was associated solely with this character, it allowed the audience to connect as they then got a decent idea of which way the scene was likely to go. As far as the audience is concerned, this is a very smart way to give the audience just enough information to then ramp up the expectation. 

Music can also be used when it comes to mobile games and, more importantly, for slots. The high-paced music can help provide an adrenaline rush, which can generate a greater sense of excitement for a player. You can see for yourself at spin palace, where the clever use of music in every game has a sense of intrigue and excitement. 

It works on a personal level too

Lastly, think back to how you have used music yourself. When performing menial tasks or even just cleaning a room, it is possible to use music to make the experience more enjoyable. People tend to make playlists of their favorite songs to listen to when performing menial tasks as it gives them something else to focus on and can make the entire experience considerably less arduous. It might not be as subtle as the film side of it, but music has the power to make people feel so many different things at once, and with so many uses, it is difficult to think what anyone would do without the joy of music. 

Written by Monella