How To Pursue Your Passion, Becoming A World-Renowned DJ And Trial Lawyer With Arash Homampour

Finding success in life through one’s true passion is a quest many individuals spend their lives working on. For trial lawyer, DJ, and music producer, Arash Homampour, that passion comes in the form of connecting with people and transforming their lives for the better. Homampour knows that finding the balance between life, career, and passion is a lifelong journey, not something that happens overnight or without struggle. It takes determination, hard work, and a deep-set sense of confidence in oneself. Homampour has found ways to pursue his many passions through keeping an open mind and seeking out new ways to express himself and share his talents. 

From a very young age, Homampour knew he wanted to help people and worked his way through law school to pursue that passion. He started The Homampour Law Firm almost thirty years ago with no clients, no mentors, and no money; today it is considered one of the most prestigious law firms in California. Along with that, he has followed his lifelong love of music and is a notable techno DJ, you can listen to his recently released EP “Lonely Dream” here. Homampour explains that he became a lawyer out of an innate calling to help people and got started as a music producer to share his point of view and to create music that represented his creative passion. 

Homampour is a shining example of living life to the fullest and following your passions, regardless of what adversities may stand in your way. He has not had it easy and has faced many challenges both personal and professional, and credits each of these experiences as a learning opportunity, an essential element of how he got to where he is today. He encourages everyone to follow their passions, regardless of where one is in life. It is never too late to decide you want to get to the next level and make a better life for yourself and your family. 

One thing that sets Homampour apart from others is his constant drive to be a better version of himself. Money is not everything. It is important to enjoy life, and find opportunities to be a better person, better at your profession, just an overall better human. There is never a point where someone is done learning and growing. Always find a reason to smile, pursue your passions, and focus on what is important. Find a way to cut out the extraneous, toxic people and influences, then define what makes you happy and lets you be the best person you can be in this world.

Money is not the metric of success. Also, there is no point of having financial success if you cannot share it with others or use it to help others. Happiness comes from being of service to others. 

Along with being driven, following one’s passion requires a person to be grateful for what they have. We live in an amazing country where anyone can do anything and make a difference, and Homampour strives never to forget that. “I am always working to help people. I help people by day through my law firm, and through my music, I give aspiring artists a place to share their work and vision with people all over the world. I view myself as a candle and it is my job to light as many other candles as I can in this universe, that is how I live,“ Arash Homampour. 

Because he constantly keeps an open mind, Homampour is always taking in new information. He learns every minute of the day, takes in as much knowledge as possible, and says this is part of why he has been able to be so successful and follow his passions. Learn more about Arash Homampour on his website, and discover more about how he has followed his passions to reach success, and how he strives to help others through sharing his journey. 

Written by Monella