How To Throw an A-Lister Style Party

Who doesn’t like a good party? No matter what occasion it is, parties are always a great way to have fun and catch up with friends. Special events like birthdays, engagements, weddings, and holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter are the perfect opportunities for throwing a well-planned party to relax and enjoy your time. 

No one knows how to throw a party better than celebrities. Celebrity parties are meticulously planned events that are designed by event planners and other professionals to ensure each and everything about the event is perfect. A-List celebrities throw the best parties, some of which include post-award ceremony parties like the Oscars after-party hosted by multiple A-listers each year. 

With a little bit of thinking and planning, you too can throw a party in style just like an A-List celebrity. Here is what you will need to make your party look like a top-notch Hollywood celebration. 

Hiring a Party Planner

While it is possible for you to handle the preparation of the event yourself, you can hire a party planner for the best possible results. If you want to throw a wedding reception or an engagement party, hiring a professional party planner is necessary because you cannot handle everything all by yourself. Hiring a planner takes some of the stress off you and allows you to enjoy your big day in peace knowing that everything has been taken care of.

Keeping it Invite-Only

All the big Hollywood parties are successful due to their exclusivity. While planning your party, you should send out invites to a select few people and make sure that only those who have the invites show up to your event. Keeping the event selective also saves you from a lot of after-party hassle like cleaning up, etc., and makes everything more manageable. One more advantage of invite-only parties is that they save you from party-crashers. Additionally, invite-only parties are intimate affairs, much in line with how A-Listers party.

Throwback table Gaming

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Rolling Out a Red Carpet

If you want to party in style, it is time to take your red carpet out. You can buy or rent a red carpet to decorate your venue and elevate the atmosphere of your event. Red carpets are also great places to take photos and share them on social media to boost your online popularity. Red carpet photos will also require hiring a professional photographer who can dedicate himself to the red carpet and create a memorable photo reel of your extravaganza.

All About the Drinks

It would not be an A-Lister Hollywood-style party without all the drinks. Champagne is the perfect welcome drink to have at your extravagant affair, and champagne flutes are a must to serve your drinks. Local party planning companies can also provide services for making champagne towers, which will make your party look like it just got ripped straight out of the pages of The Great Gatsby

Canapes and Appetizers

Elegant Hollywood parties are not about dinner buffets. A-List celebrities and their party guests expect to be served small portions like canapes and one-bite appetizers, etc. These one-bite wonders work best with champagne and make you feel like Hollywood royalty. Furthermore, these canapes and appetizers are easier to make compared to main courses and add an exquisite twist to your event.

Keeping it Black-Tie

Keeping a dress code for your event is one of the best ways to make your party resemble the extravagant bashes arranged by A-List celebrities. To make your party more classy and stylish, you should keep a strict black-tie dress code. This way, your event photos will look amazing and you will truly feel like a Hollywood celebrity.

Written by Monella