The Simpsons set to hold a one-hour episode based on The Great Gatsby

Well-loved comedy, The Simpsons, will soon get its first one-hour episode for a hip-hop themed take on the novel, The Great Gatsby.

As the cartoon series hits its 600th episode, Taraji P Henson is bringing her voice to the show as ‘The Great Phatsby’.

Fox confirmed the news on Monday, 8 August, with the episode set to air in January. The story will focus on the antagonist, Mr Burns and his strange friendship with hip-hop star Jay G (hinting towards Jay Gatsby from the novel).

The action will take place at Burns’ Springfield mansion with Homer providing the narration in a Nick Carraway style role.

Executive producer, Matt Selman told Entertainment Weekly: “This was going to be a regular episode but the table read so well, in a fit of passion and excitement and ambition and excess, we decided to supersize it”.

“We haven’t done a huge amount of stories in the world of rap culture so we just kind of went with it.”

“It’s kind of like a two-part rap album”

‘The Great Phatsby’ will bring with it a range of different aspects including Marge opening her own boutique, Lisa bagging a rich other half, and a massive revenge plan.

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Written by CelebMix