HRVY Releases New Track ‘Hasta Luego’

The talented singer-songwriter HRVY has released his phenomenal new track ‘Hasta Luego,’ which features Malu Trevejo.

Despite being out for less than 24 hours, the single has already gained an excellent chart position, currently sitting in Number 3 – a fantastic achievement!

HRVY was quick to take to social media to thank his dedicated fans, tweeting:

‘You guys have no idea how much this could change my life, can’t believe it’s already at Number 3, a like, a Retweet, a download or stream goes a long way. Thank you for making me the happiest boy on the planet.’ 

‘Hasta Luego’ is the type of track that will have you singing along instantly. The song has an extremely catchy chorus. With Malu Trevejo also featuring on the track, it adds to the Spanish sound, and is undoubtedly the perfect song in the lead-up to summer, the ultimate summer anthem!

HRVY is currently supporting The Vamps on the UK and Ireland segment of their 2018 Tour. If you have been to any of the tour dates, you will also know that he shows off his impressive dancing in his performance of ‘Hasta Luego.’

The music video for the single is set to follow in due course, and we can’t wait to see it!

If you haven’t already, you can buy ‘Hasta Luego’ from iTunes by clicking here.

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Written by Rachel Dempster