Huff & Puff’s CEO Nada Alshamsi projects a positive outlook for the company’s expansion plans

You cannot beat a good burger. One that has been lovingly created using the finest meat, cooked to perfection, exquisitely seasoned, and artfully finished by a careful and considered choice of bun, cheese, pickle, salad, and relish. Unfortunately, in an age of convenience and sloppy standards finding a good burger isn’t always easy. That’s why Nada Alshamsi founded Huff & Puff in 2016. 

“Fast food shouldn’t mean rushed,” explained Nada. “To my mind, good food is equivalent to an art-form. It should be well-crafted, thoughtfully presented, and strong on detail. Most importantly it should invoke a very pleasurable and memorable experience that the client or customer would want to repeat.”

As you can probably gather, Nada is a lady who takes her burgers seriously. The CEO of Huff & Puff has seen her empire grow considerably over the last five years. When the first branch of Huff & Puff opened its doors in the heart of Abu Dhabi it was an instant hit with the locals. Word soon got around and to keep up with demand, Nada soon began to expand into other locations outside the United Arab Emirates such as Oman and Kuwait. 

With almost 20 stores covering a huge geographical area, Huff & Puff has become a rapidly expanding franchise that is causing more and more established operators to sit up and pay close attention to the new kid on the block. Huff & Puff’s fresh and innovative take on the humble burger has been so impressive they’ve already had competitors trying to steal their secret recipe. Yet as Nada points out, Huff & Puff is about so much more than the perfect burger.

“What differentiates us from a lot of other burger brands and fast food outlets out there is we are creating an experience. We don’t just warm up some tasteless food with the consistency of cardboard, throw it in a bag and dish it up. We pride ourselves on the little details. Our staff is friendly and welcoming, our decor is aesthetically pleasing, our environment is relaxing, our hygiene is first-rate, and as for the food, well, we let that speak for itself.”

With more and more burger lovers discovering the joys of Huff & Puff, the company has big expansion plans in the works, but Nada remains confident that the future is 100 percent positive for the beloved brand.

“Like a lot of businesses we had had an enforced three-month hiatus due to Covid-19, but we’re back in operation now and I’m extremely excited about the future. Huff & Puff’s slogan has always been, ‘We speak burgerian,’ and it appears as time goes by more and more people are learning our language.”

Written by CelebMix