Hurts Release a Powerful New Single and Video ‘Beautiful Ones’

Good news! The electropop duo Hurts is back with a powerful new single and video for ‘Beautiful Ones‘.

Beautiful Ones  is a bold, dramatic song about being yourself even in hard times.

“Don’t think twice
Give yourself to another night

Hold on tight
Hope that you make it out alive”

The video for the track is filmed backwards and stars the band’s lead singer Theo Hutchcraft, portraying him as a drag queen who is brutally attacked for just being himself on a night out. It all begins at as Theo is naked, bloody and bruised in a car. Time rewinds throughout the video, showing a horrific violent anti-LGBT attack by a group of men, who beat and kick the singer, stripping him of a wig and women’s clothes after he walks out of the club.

It’s been two years since Hurts released their last album ‘ Surrender ‘ (2015). So it’s not a surprise they made a comeback with such a big and dramatic song, which the British duo themselves described as ‘celebration of individuality’.

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Written by Caroline

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