Ian Ziering on Post 90210 life, Sharknado, and Parenting Challenges

Ian Ziering might be best known for his heartthrob role on the hit television series, 90210, but there’s a lot more credit to his name than just that.  From Sharknado to Parenting Challenges, Ian has been up to a lot in the 16 years 90210 has been off the air and we were lucky enough to get to ask him questions about his life!

In the first few moments of our chat, Ian let us know that his daughter Penna’s first three syllable word was actually Sharknado which is not only impressive but hilarious.  In addition to raising a daughter, Ian also started a family lifestyle blog called ‘At Home With the Ziering’s‘.  They share everything from food, crafts, and family adventures on their blog.

Ian says his greatest accomplishment has been his children, and after looking at his blog, you can tell his family is the most important part of his life – and rightfully so – they’re lovely both inside and out.

Ian’s wife, Erin, was a nurse and is now a full-time mom.  She works hard to keep the family in check, well fed, looking incredible for portraits, and of course – being a nurturing center for the people she loves. Their daughters, Penna and Mia  are the absolute light and joys of their lives, from the kid’s corner part of their blog to the mentions of them in general posts, you can tell that their family dynamic is strong, and it’s one of the most inspiring parts of keeping up with their website!

Ian’s vibe is a chill one, you can tell from the first hello that he’s a grounded person who’s experienced the ups and downs of family life and is truly in a place of comfort and happiness. Talking to him has definitely been one of our most fun and interesting interviews to date.

By now, odds are you’ve checked out Sharknado, but if you haven’t you can go to SyFy and watch it now and if you’re thinking about starting your own family soon, already on your parental journey, or just interested in seeing more about their family, check out their blog. We can’t wait to see what’s in store next for Ian and the family, but we’re sure it’ll incorporate fun shark crafts and two sweet little girls!

Written by CelebMix