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IMAJ is counting down the days until her sophomore album “America’s Sweetheart” comes out. We got to speak one on one with her about it, along if acting or writing is still on her radar.

What drove you to become a humanitarian?
Being a humanitarian is probably one of the most natural drives in the world. I feel that we all intrinsically have a concern for human welfare in some way or another. We live in a society, a place, where everything we do effects someone else in some way. I feel that promoting humanity is a priority in life.

Tell us about your song “Colorblind.”
Colorblind was written by Ron Grimes (multi-platinum Country songwriter most known for his work with LeAnn Rimes), Jennifer Lynn of The Voice of Holland and myself. We got together in Ron’s studio, each bringing our unique perspective on humanity, and breathed life into what would become our most popular music video and message. Colorblind is about a millennial’s perspective in that we do actually see Color, or diversity, but we see it as a beautiful thing, we simply see beyond the stereotypes of Color. And of course with the climate of today, it’s important to continue educating the world.

“His Story, Her Story” is your latest single and it focuses on the US armed forces. What inspired you to write it?
My mother actually came up with the title and theme. The first thing that came to mind was being a soldier faced with the reality of war, hence the first line I wrote, “Sweet Jesus, what have I done?” Often times our men and women in uniform are proud to serve our country but when dropped down into the battlefield, it seems to me that being at war is something one couldn’t begin to prepare oneself to imagine. But beyond that I don’t want them to be forgotten once they’re off the battlefield. There can never be enough songs written and help given and support shown for our men and women who literally put their lives on the line for us.

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Is there ever a fear of being too honest or being controversial when writing?
I don’t write from a place of fear. I write from a place of longing to spread compassion and peace within ourselves and there’s nothing too honest or controversial about that.

What is one song you wish you wrote?
“More Than Anyone Deserves” My dear friend Ron Grimes wrote that for LeAnn and its probably one of the most elegant songs about life I’ve ever heard.

Your debut novel was released in 2011, “Harlow”. Would you consider writing more novels down the line?
I’m focused on music for now but never say never.

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What can we expect from your sophomore album coming out September 23?
“America’s Sweetheart” is all about America and some of the things that make us… us. With “Different Kind of Country” we’re talking about how our country is evolving. “Daddy-Daughter Dance” is about that traditional dance you have with your father be it your wedding, your sweet sixteen or any other event that celebrates that special relationships between fathers and daughters. “Fame” talks about the true journey to fame behind the scenes and before glitz and glamour. There are also love songs and covers from the great American songwriters like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. There’s a little something for everyone.

Your father is actor Philip Michael Thomas of Miami Vice. Should we expect some acting in your future?
Actually, I’ve actually been has sent a couple of scripts that I’m reading right now. So you never know. Wink, wink

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