Gig Review: Imani Williams At The Nightingale Club, Birmingham

On the night of 26 November 2016, Imani Williams took to the stage of The Nightingale Club, Birmingham; and showed her true potential. Even though there were technical problems; she sang on, proving her star quality.

For those of you who don’t know her, Imani Williams has collaborated with Sigala on two tracks. First, she featured on “Say You Do”, which also features DJ Fresh. Next, she released her debut single, “Don’t Need No Money“, which features Sigala and Blonde.

Starting the show with “Say You Do”, Imani Williams took to the stage with her DJ and two backing dancers. The song had the crowd buzzing and she really lit up the stage.

Watch Imani Williams Sing “Say You Do” Here:

Her second song was an original unreleased song; from what we heard, it could totally be an album track, yet this is where it all went wrong. Just as we were about to receive an Imani Williams unheard track, technical faults stopped all music.

This gave her a chance to talk to the crowd, whilst the technical team tried to sort out the problem. It took some time, but they got there in the end; after she went backstage to chill.

Watch Imani Williams Sing An Original Song Before Technical Difficulties Took Over:

Once they sorted the problems, she returned to the stage, more invigorated and much more confident; she was not going to let that ruin her night, and it sure didn’t. She launched into a cover version of Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” which slid into Jennifer Lopez’s “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”.

Watch Imani Williams’ Medley Of “Work From Home” & “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” Here:

Working the stage, it’s clear Imani Williams was born to sing and perform. Her next cover version was Zayn’s “PillowTalk”, which she completely smashed with her amazing vocals. The song easily hyped up the crowd, in time for another cover song.

Watch Imani Williams’ Cover Of Zayn’s “PillowTalk” Here:

Next was Jade’s “Don’t Walk Away”, which she totally made current; making it much more upbeat and adding some soul to the song similar to Javine’s version. The audience were loving every minute of it, then she went into Robin S’ “Show Me Love”; that was complete fire.

Watch Imani Williams’ Medley Of “Don’t Walk Away” & “Show Me Love” Here:

If there’s one thing we can say, for sure, Imani Williams knows how to work the stage and the crowd. She has stunning vocals, which we had previously heard at Kiss Haunted House Party, but this time she brought passion and flare to the stage. Vocals and dancing on point throughout, but nothing compared to the outstanding last song.

Don’t Need No Money” ended her set; adding flames to an already lit stage. Imani Williams gave it her all, and we expected nothing less. If you loved her debut single; we can assure you, it’s better heard live. She nailed the choreography, in total sync with the dancers; whilst the vocals were on point throughout.

Watch Imani Williams Sing Debut Single “Don’t Need No Money” Here:

Regardless of technical difficulties, Imani Williams completely brought it to the Nightingale stage. We totally wanted more, the set seemed short, but that could have been due to the problems that occurred, which clearly took up some time. We missed out on the chance to hear her original song, but we’re sure we’ll be hearing it in the near future.

Imani Williams is full of raw talent and brilliant dance ability. Professional, fierce, and confident; she knows how to put on a performance. Energising the stage; it’s hard to believe that she’s following in the footsteps of global acts, who have previously performed on that stage, including Liberty X, Alesha Dixon, Booty Luv, Big Brovaz, and S Club.

A superstar in the making, she’s someone to watch. 2016 may have launched Imani Williams, but 2017 is going to be her year. We’re excited about her future.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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