The Importance of James Mcvey Apearing On LBC

James McVey from The Vamps has never been one to shy away from talking about the bigger issues in the world alongside issues which personally affect many of the band’s fans. A keen Twitter contributor to debates on LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation) radio shows, back in March he made his first in-person appearance discussing the downfalls of social media. Since then, he has made two further appearances discussing bullying and most recently the pressure of exams, if you’re yet to listen to them we’ve given you a summary of all three below.

When James announced his first slot on James O’Brien’s show it’s safe to say the fanbase lost their mind with excitement. His dream was finally becoming a reality and we couldn’t wait to see how it went. Taking place on International Women’s Day, the subject matter was on his power over their young and impressionable teenage fans. Social media has become a hub for positive yet also negative interactions between fans, bands, and fanbases providing a way for people to interact with their favourite bands including The Vamps.

It’s easy to forget the massive effect that some tweets can have. It’s out there on the internet forever

Whether you’re jokingly tweeting something harsh to a member of a band or posting a less than nice comment about another person; your friends, family and potential employers can still see these and use them against you. Knowing that James also forgets this at times forgetting “at the end of my fingers, there is a world of people listening” is a friendly reminder that if we do slip up and make a catty tweet we are only human. Please, however, think before you tweet, tweets can be out there to haunt you. Make social media your friend and not something you regret!

Fast forward a month and James made his return tackling another issue which fans and many of us at CelebMix have faced… bullying. 43% school age people face bullying, with 44% of these facing it more than once a week, a shockingly scary statistic. Bullying sadly is an issue within this world we can’t escape with the rise of social media. This is becoming an even more common occurrence and now we even see fans bullying other fans of the same bands. Honestly, this part is the most heartbreaking as watching like-minded fans tearing each other apart online isn’t cool and by James speaking out about it should be enough to make people think and stop.

The truth is I get the sort of stuff you do, all the time.

James explained that he isn’t exempt from bullying and as an avid supporter of the Anti-Bullying charity often speaks out about his own experiences. Sharing his own challenges, James has not just become an advocate for rising above the bullies but provided the invaluable knowledge that everyone is likely to face it at some point in their life. Bullying whether cyber, mental or physical is never acceptable and the victim is never alone or to blame.

Exams are something we all experience in our life but forget people such as James also face these as he discussed them during his recent appearance. Discussing the pressure put on students to attend university he explained his own personal issue with this at school “I was very lucky to come out of school with two A* and an a for my A-levels. I was with a friend who got three A’s and the head of the year came up to us at the end and congratulated the girl next to me but ignored me entirely because I didn’t apply for any universities.” Now we’re not saying everyone can share the same path as James, but not going to university does NOT mean you’re not going to get a job or have a highly successful future.

Pressure from peers, family and also teachers during exams is another issue many face and struggle to handle but instead of comparing ourselves to others and their grades why don’t we just focus on being the best we can?

I think pressure within yourself that you have constructed around you can be positive. It gives you ambition and makes you strive to be the best you can do.

Work to the best of YOUR abilities instead of trying to match others standards which can, in fact, put you off being your best. Whatever the results it will never be the end of the world, trust us.

But why is it so important for James to make these appearances? The Vamps are known have a large younger fanbase, allowing them to adopt a role model figure without even trying. James through his slots on LBC has been able to interact with a significant amount of people who during times such as exams may be unsure of where to turn or how to handle pressure put on them. Without these appearance many, are likely have struggled through challenging events thinking that nobody else felt the same way they had but have been helped to gain confidence to speak up and ask for help. James and The Vamps never signed up to be role models for their fanbase but this is a role they’ve undertaken with ease, remaining accessible and supportive for many fans during their fame rise.

James is a figure we couldn’t be prouder to support, using his voice within the music community to spread positivity and help to those who need it using his own personal battles to help others through theirs. Reminding us to never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in by speaking out on causes close to his heart. With power comes great responsibility and in this crazy world, we need more James McVey’s who aren’t afraid to speak out in order to change the world for the better.

If you’re ever struggling with issues, please remember there is always someone there to help support you through. Click here for a list of dedicated charities who will be able to provide guidance.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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