Black Mirror – the new season soon available on Netflix

Black Mirror is a British TV show realized by Charlie Brooker, broadcast since 2011, twice nominated for BAFTA, and winner of an Emmy Award and a Golden Rose Award.

Arriving at big step into the world of television, Black Mirror place itself as the new TV show not to be missed.

Netflix, known to make revive some “forget TV Shows” is going to work with Brooker and his independent production ‘House of Tomorrow’. This streaming giant already shown four episodes of Black Mirror, and apparently decided to continue with it.

Their Project?

Produce more episodes of this Inescapable TV Show.
Netflix, Brooker and House of Tomorrow are actually working on a project. It seems that Brooker has many ideas and is currently writing news scripts about the dark side of the technology and its bad effects on the society.

Why This Polemic?

Because it stands out from others.
Tumbling like a missile on the television’s world, Black Mirror is a fictional narrative depicting our society in a really near or distant future where the members of that society are clocked by the technological advances. This highlights the problems of our current society but from another angle, another dimension.

Black Mirror examines, more specifically, our relationship to technology. This is not new, the technology of internet has revolutionized our lives. Any scoop, information or news is Facebooked, Twitted or Googled and everybody is connected on the Web.
Black Mirror denounces that through its 7 episodes showing how we can be manipulated by the technology and sometimes without even notice it. The technology is growing more and more and the society is constantly making progress but this TV show remind us that we must be careful not to get to the point where it could become dangerous.

The Bright side?

Each episode is 100% independent from the others.
Being a global reflection on our today’s world and the role of the technology in our society, each episodes of Black Mirror is independent. It is totally possible to watch an episode without having ever seen the others. Moreover, each episode is interesting because it deals with different sides of this technology and most of the episodes’ ends are unexpected… And here is another reason to be captivated by this out-of-the-ordinary TV Show!

For those who already know Black Mirror, get ready for the new season. For the others… grab your computer and start watching it because the TV Show is coming back soon: With three episodes per season linked by the common theme of a dystopian technology, Black Mirror count for now 2 seasons and a special Christmas episode.

Get ready, this new little gem will be soon on the screen and you won’t have any excuses if you miss it.

Written by CelebMix