Inna drops 24 track remix EP of new song “Heaven”

Inna has just dropped her biggest remix EP so far. Having uploaded 18 remix tracks of her new song “Heaven” on to her YouTube Channel, she later followed through with an EP release which features an additional four remixes as well as a “Radio Edit” of the song and an “Extended Mix”.

The “Heaven” music video gained over 2.5 million views on YouTube in under a week. It has gone on to amass 8.5 million since it was uploaded four weeks ago. Directed by John Perez with assistant director Khaled Mokhtar, the video is filmed in Mauritius at the Shangri-La resort. It adds flavour to this already exotic song.

It only managed to chart in Romania, her home country, at number 58. The song didn’t meet expectations, but Inna is now gearing up to release new single: “Say It with Your Body”, which will be released soon.

The exotic feeling of “Heaven” brings the summer warmth in a tantalising melodic way. The remixes add flavour, texture, and pulse, to switch up this summer relaxer anthem.

Our top five remixes

1. Dirty Nano Remix

This remix totally stands out on the EP, speeding up the vocals and adding repetitions with an upbeat tempo. It is definitely worth a listen.

2. Tom Ferry Remix (titled as Ton Ferry Remix on the remix EP)

Guess we’re all human and spelling mistakes are a thing in the music industry, but putting this typo aside; this upbeat remix is speedy, and full of beats you can’t imagine. A perfect last track on the remix EP, and is the most watched “Heaven” remix on Inna’s YouTube Channel.

3. Tiben Remix

Want to be transported back in time? Tiben turns this current track into an old classic, with an extended introduction and some incredible deep tones, what’s not to like?

4. Redshuz Remix

The remix adds tropical instruments to this already exotic summer relaxer, which is perfect to listen to on a beach or at a barbecue. It later adds comforting bass that would get any summer party started. It’s one of the four tracks Inna didn’t upload on to YouTube.

5. Sllash Remix

Futuristic sounds that totally mix up the track, Sllash turns this song into a mixture cocktail, giving a kick that is surely needed.

Other remixes worth mentioning are: Addictive Elements & Mika Violin Remix, which includes a violin to mix it up; Chadash Cort Remix which adds more instruments than you can imagine but is less exotic with a more rock kind of vibe; Criminal Sounds which turns this into a football infused anthem; Deepierro Remix which creates a deep piano sound with a sprinkle of high beats for contrast; Midi Culture which removes Inna’s vocals and adds a male vocal, sparking outrage by fans although it’s technically great and definitely stands out; and Thrace Remix which adds textured beats and unbelievable synths, Thrace also remixed Inna’s previous single “Rendez Vous”.

The “Heaven” remix EP has many tantalising remixes, all perfect to get any party started. “Heaven” is the first track from Inna’s, soon to be released, fifth studio album. “Say It With Your Body” is expected to be the follow-up single. She is currently touring around Europe and Asia, after performing in Mexico at Electric Planet Music Festival, where she shared the stage with Paul Oakenfold, Steve Aoki, Deorro, Sigala and KSHMR, to name just a few.

What’s your favourite “Heaven” remix? How do you feel about the 24 track EP release? Tell us @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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