INNA Launches Her Own Digital Magazine Titled INNAMag

She revealed that she had a surprise for her fans (Club Rockers), but no one expected INNA to actually be dropping her very own digital magazine, titled INNAMag! The first issue got released Friday and it delves into behind-the-scenes info of INNA’s life, revealing stuff only fans could guess at. This is way better than Instagram or Snapchat stories as we can actually delve into INNA’s life, thoughts, and feelings. Oh how we would love a physical copy of this magazine – maybe they’re planning just that on the re-launch of her shop.

In the first issue of INNAMag, we dip behind photoshoots, videos, her recent album YO, as well as her Coca-Cola campaign. Additional features in this issue include an interview with photographer Edward Aninaru, a quiz with Antonia, beauty tips and tricks, and INNA’s book addiction.

The opening page reveals a message from INNA welcoming her fans to INNAMag. She says:

Club rockers, beautiful people,

Welcome to INNAMag! One of my dreams, hidden wishes that just a few people knew about!

Yes, that’s right! This is my own magazine, a part of my world which includes people I love and respect, things I appreciate and recommend, lots of photos I’ve taken over the years, but also new ones you’ve never seen, beautiful stories from my life around the Globe and many, many more.

This is just the first issue. Not perfect, not the best, but mine. As I envisioned it for the moment.

Waiting for you to read it, explore it and… write me to suggest things I can speak about, people to talk to, places to visit. Send me an e-mail with your ideas at I will choose one that will become a section in the second issue of INNAMag. I want you to be a part of the INNAMag team!

In this first issue, you will get to read an interview with my dear friend Edward Aninaru, who is the photographer of the coverstory photo shoot, you will travel with me around the world in just one month, discover my beautiful country Romania, enjoy my recommendations and read a nice quiz with my friend ANTONIA.

I’m happy you are here with me in this new journey and I hope you will spread the news that INNAMag is out!

I want to thank my team who worked with me for INNAMag. This is just the beginning!

Ready? Steady? Go!

Peace and love, INNA.

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? with love … Alexandra @innamag

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There’s plenty of amazing photos throughout and we love reading INNA’s words. It’s a high-quality magazine that we’re sure all her fans will love from beginning to end – we sure did!

We’re beyond excited about this brand new media format from INNA, and it isn’t her first time releasing something other than music, photos, videos, and merch; as, a year or so ago, she released her very own app under her name. It’s a hub for Club Rockers to connect and post photos – similar to Instagram – yet, from time to time, INNA will enter a chat room to say “Hi” to her fans, spread her love, and answer fan questions.

Now, we have this awesome magazine, that is completely free to view online. Check it out on INNA’s official website, under the INNAMag magazine section. We’re hoping that the INNA shop gets relaunched soon – as she did reveal more merch is to be expected in our exclusive interview – and we’re hoping that physical copies of the magazine will be available to buy; we can at least hope.

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One shot! ? @innamag

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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