INNA Stars In Coca-Cola’s Zero Zahar = Love TV Campaign In Romania

For those of you who live in Romania, you will be seeing INNA on your TVs more often, as she has become the star of Coca-Cola’s Zero Zahar = Love TV Campaign. The comical clip appeals to the world over as even though it is Romanian, there are no speaking parts. If you hadn’t already have guessed, Zero Zahar means Zero Sugar in English.

In the description of the video, INNA states: “Awesome things to come guys!”, which suggests that this isn’t the only news that this Romanian artist has in store for us. As we know, INNA loves giving out surprises; and, today, we found out that she has a brand new song on its way, titled “La Roulette”, in collaboration with DJ Sem and featuring Matt Houston.

Watch Coca-Cola’s Zero Zahar = Love TV Advert starring INNA Here:

The advert sees INNA step out on to the red carpet in front of a hotel as photographers take photos. All the while, a bellboy is rushing to the elevator to deliver what looks to be a meal. INNA makes it to the elevator before the doors close and enters; much to the bellboy’s surprise – we later find out his name is Alex.

INNA and Alex get trapped in the elevator, the former removes her jacket since it is hot inside the elevator shaft. Then Alex reveals ice-cold Coca-Cola bottles which they drink from. INNA provides the music from her phone, which is her latest single “Nirvana“. They have a little party, before they are rescued, where Alex asks for a selfie with the star.

The comical twist comes at the end, where later in the day, he checks the photo. He finds out that INNA’s face is obscured by the Coca-Cola bottle she is holding up. We feel so much for Alex, at least he laughed it off.

The TV commercial will also help INNA promote her brand new album which is also called “Nirvana“. We urge you to listen to the full album below, or better yet, why not check out our track-by-track album review.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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