Finally “Cum Ar Fi” Is Released By Inna

It’s been a long wait for this single to get an international release. Inna posted a Global Session, where she debuted the song “Cum Ar Fi”, four weeks ago. We’ve been waiting in anticipation for it to drop.

It was teased in the last few weeks as Global Records released remixes on their YouTube Channel; yet, no official release date was announced. We knew it was a matter of time.

The song was written by Irina Rimes and Inna. In English, the title means “How It Would Be”. It’s about love and being with the one you love.

Watch Inna Performing “Cum Ar Fi” During A Global Session Here:

The song is completely sung in Romanian. This isn’t the first time she has sung in her home language, previous songs include “Tu Si Eu”, “Oare”, “Spre Mare”, and “Fata din rândul trei”.

This remix packaged EP, released by Global Records and Roton Romania, follows promotional single “Say It With Your Body” and the 24-track “Heaven” Remix EP. This promotional release comes before the much-anticipated single “Gimme Gimme”.

It is available to download on iTunes and Amazon, amongst others, as well as available to stream on Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music. It has not appeared on Spotify just yet.

Remixes come from Emi, Dirty Nano, DJ Asher, Dream Big, and ScreeN. The Global Session was directed by Khaled Mokhtar. Inna wears half a suit jacket, which she joked that if the song did well she’ll buy the other half of the jacket.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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