Cover of INNAMag issue 2 with INNA looking side wards in a black top with a field in the background

INNA Releases The Second Issue Of Her Own Digital Magazine INNAMag

This week saw INNA release the second issue of her own digital magazine INNAMag, and it was less of a surprise, this time around, as she asked her fans (Club Rockers) to decide which cover was best from two similar designs. We’re still holding out in hope for physical copies of the magazine, we need them in our hands.

This second issue features an exclusive interview with photographer Erez Sabag, a backstage look at INNA’s photoshoots, chats about her music being included in NFS and Versace’s Show, a quiz with Catrinel Marlon, her music recommendations, and some beauty tips and tricks.

Once again, INNA starts her magazine with a note from herself to her readers:

Welcome. Fall(ing) In Love.

I’m all about love. I love to love. I love to create music. I love to express myself through art. And year after year, I discover myself more and more and learn about who I am, who I want to become and how I want to live my life.

With a lot of love for the people, for my fans, for music, for experiences, for the world.

Actually, INNAMag appeared because I wanted to be closer to you and send my love… through written words.

I was really excited to read all your comments, beautiful messages and for the support I received after you read the first issue of INNAMag. This is important to me and a huuuge motivation!

In this issue, you will find: photos from around the world, stories from The Artist Awards people I admire, an interview with Erez Sabag, the photographer of my cover story, as well as with my amazing friend Catrinel Marlon.

Don’t forget to love every day, to spread the love around, to share the love and to be love!

Peace and love, INNA

The magazine is in-depth with plenty of stories to take you inside INNA’s world. She’s one artist who continues to give to her fans and this is clear throughout this issue.

We truly love her magazine idea, although we would love a printed copy of each issue. It is also not the first time she’s released something other than music-related items such as albums, gig tickets, and merchandise, as she also has her very own app, to which her fans get to speak to her at specific times.

INNAMag is completely free and can be accessed by heading to INNA’s official website, under the INNAMag magazine section. We’re excited to see the direction she plans to take with these magazine issues.

On other news, INNA recently collaborated with Vinka on the awesome song “Bebe“. Make sure you check that out.

What do you make of INNA’s second issue of INNAMag? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.

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