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Interview: Adam Rom Chats to us About Debut Track, ‘Obvious’

Multi-talented artist, Adam Rom, has released his debut single, Obvious.

The new release is a unique sound that includes a tropical take on pop and is influenced by Flume and Mura Masa.

Obvious mixes organic and electronic components that are instantly catchy the minute you hear the track.

An underlying keyboard merged with digital software, it blends perfectly with Rom’s captivating vocals.

The fresh and fast-rising talent, plays the guitar, drums and piano; as well as singing, song-writing and producing his own tracks.

At only 17 years of age, the South-London star jokingly admits he has no social life due to his passion for music and instruments.

Rom’s debut and infectious pop track is set to hit the charts by storm and was even featured on this year’s Love Island.

We caught up with Adam to chat about his debut track, his struggles when creating his own tracks, and where he sees himself by 2020!

Hey Adam! Tell us all about you!

Hello. My name is Adam, I’m a singer, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from South London.? The music I make is kinda’ like someone put a load of organic/acoustic instruments with some synths and then threw a whole orchestra on top. 

Your latest single, Obvious, sounds great! How did it come about? 

Why thank you; I’m glad you guys like it!? Obvious was created for the most part in my bedroom. I remember starting the production for the song the night before me, Johnny Hockings and Willie Tanner wrote it. After that session, I finished the production and recorded vocals. I probably spent a good 3 weeks working on the song over about 3 months. 

What’s the best and worst/hardest part of song writing for you? 

For me, I find lyrics to be most challenging part of song writing. Finding a balance between lyrics that are cool or flow well and that actually mean something, can sometimes be a bit tricky. But like with everything, practise makes perfect.

We know you play a couple of instruments too. What’s your favourite one? 

Damn… It’s got to be the guitar. It was my first love haha. Don’t get me wrong, I do love all the other instruments I play too. 

Being so young, how do you find a happy mixture of social life and career? 

I have no social life haha. Music is all I do. 

So, who or what do you go to for inspiration?? 

I really get inspired by different sounds. If I hear a noise that sounds weird or interesting it will make me wanna’ try and make something out of it.

Do you have anybody you’d love to collaborate with?

For me, it’s got to be Justin Bieber. I just love that man so much haha. He really has been one of my biggest inspirations. I think it’s because I watched him grow up right before my eyes. Seeing him transform from a little cringe baby to this mega talented, super swag, young man; it was just awe inspiring. (Just for the record I always thought he was cool and made some serious bangers!). But yeah, if I got to collab with Justin, I think we would make something really special. 

So, if you could skip to 2020, where do you see yourself?

By 2020 I hope to have performed live a bunch of times, have a bunch of singles released and hopefully working on a body of work like an EP.

Check out Adam Rom’s debut track, Obvious, and tweet us @CelebMix to let us know your thoughts!

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