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Interview: Baker Grace on writing one of her favorite songs; loving someone who isn’t able to accept love

Baker Grace is done with shame and done with hiding her true self. She is ready to feel fully alive and confident, accepting herself and being proud of herself for who she is. She recognizes that life isn’t perfect, and pain is unavoidable but finds the beauty and growth in the journey instead of running away from change.

“This [I Feel For You] is one of my favorite songs I have ever written and I am super excited to share it,” Baker expresses to CelebMix. “I wanted to write a song that explains how love can be complicated. Relationships are hard especially when you are being truly vulnerable, and I hope people can relate to it.”

“I Feel For You” is about loving someone who isn’t able to accept your love. It is about desperately trying to make someone happy and wishing you could take away their pain. Sometimes it is hard to love when we don’t understand each other, but we can care for one another even though we don’t know exactly what someone else is going through.

I think this song helped me to understand and work through what I was feeling at the time.

Baker Grace on her new single

“I was feeling confused, angry, desperate, tired but underneath all of those things was fear and love,” Baker continues. “The fear of both losing someone I loved and losing myself in love.”

Essentially this song helped Baker find herself and her voice as well as an understanding and love for the other person.

On the initial creative process, Baker was in the studio and listening to some chords the producer was playing for her and the lyrics just popped into her head. “Once I wrote down a bunch of words, it was really fun to create melodies that reflected both the longing and the frustration,” Baker explains. “I really let loose with this song, I wanted to turn a hard situation into something beautiful and light.”

Baker actually wrote this song from the perspective of the person she was with at the time. “I wanted to understand it from their point of view,” Baker tells CelebMix. “I have had a hard time letting people in and being vulnerable, especially when I am in a bad place.”

In fact, Baker needed to take responsibility for how that was affecting the people who love her and were trying to lift her up.

I want listeners to know that you can’t always make someone change. You have to remember to take care of yourself first and try not to lose yourself in love.

Baker Grace

“Just because you love someone or you make promises to someone, doesn’t mean you don’t have to take responsibility for their well-being or damage yourself trying to make them happy,” Baker adds.

This newest song from Baker comes off the release of her record, “The Show Is Over,” which is about what happens when you stop chasing this idea that happiness and perfection are a destination that you will eventually reach.

“When the lights go off and I’m alone, I realize I got one life and that I don’t want to take it for granted, looking for something I’ll never find,” Baker says. “There is so much beauty all around us and inside of us, if only we take the time to see it.”

From this EP, listeners can expect something really meaningful, organic instruments, soft, sultry vocals, and dope synths and beats. It feels like going back in time to discover something new, both nostalgic and forward thinking.

“I have been working on a lot of new music lately and hope to release more music in the fall,” Baker reveals on what she has coming up next. “The next phase is going to be really unique and creative. I am getting more and more comfortable pushing boundaries and running wild with my creativity.”

2021 looks to be an important time for Baker, first of all, she really wants to be able to perform live sometime: “I want to do collaborations with different artists and keep pushing myself creatively,” Baker says. “Hopefully, my music can continue to connect with more and more people and I can continue to grow myself as an artist and raise more awareness for the importance of mental health.”

All-in-all, Baker just really wants to use her music and her platform to help others and make as many people as possible feel loved, cared for, safe, and important.

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