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Interview: Emerging Artist Betta Lemme Chats About Latest Single, ‘Play’

Emerging artist, Betta Lemme, is currently enjoying the success of her latest single, ‘Play’.

The upbeat and club-focused track follows her performance at 2019’s Coachella, alongside musical duo, Sofi Tukker.

‘Play’ showcases Lemme’s enthralling vocals and charismatic personality along with rapid electro-synths across an energetic beat.

The Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, reveals her playful and quirky side, allowing us into her adventurous world.

Bette Lemme – who speaks fluent English, French and Italian – gained worldwide attention with her debut EP, ‘Bambola’, and official music video which collected over 60 million combined streams.

This led to her topping the Shazam charts and reaching #10 on Shazam Worldwide Dance.

The gifted artist made her debut performance on one of Italy’s biggest TV shows, Che Tempo Che Fa, in front of six million people.

She has since performed at Wild Summer Festival, Batitti Live and Deejay Time.

We got the chance to chat to Betta Lemme about her latest single and why she calls Freddie Mercury her father, Lady Gaga her sister and Liberace her decorator!

Betta Lemme Play

Hey Betta Lemme. For those who don’t know you yet, introduce yourself! 

Hiiiiiiiiiii. My name is Betta Lemme and I make music and videos. 

Growing up, was it always music or did you have other aspirations? 

I wanted to be an Egyptologist and then a designer. Music was always a given, but I always felt the stage should only be for Freddie Mercury’s, Streisands or Michael Jacksons. I thought maybe one day I’d write music for other people or manage a band and design their shows. I was also 8, LOL. 

Tell us about your latest single, ‘Play’.

PLAY! The title is a big giveaway. This song sounds like the naughty kid on the Vengabus who’s taking the class on a field trip to Ibiza. It’s probably my most playful single to date. A dance pop piece that’s my ode to the late 90’s, a time that has a special place in my heart!

You worked with duo, Sofi Tukker, on their 2016 smash hit, ‘Awoo’. What was it like to perform with them at Coachella? 

Writing Awoo together was fun. I can’t believe how quickly time flies. Coachella was wild. I had the opportunity to play some massive audiences in Italy, but this was the first time ever playing such a big stage in North America. Their show is always joyous and a good time. Watching them grow over the years is a beautiful thing. It was so inspiring to see some of my favourite artists over one weekend.

What would you say is the best and worst part of writing your own tracks? 

The best part about writing your own track is not having to deal with people who are trying to claim that they wrote half of your song when they contributed one word lol. The worst part is the obvious word block of being stuck and refusing to move forward unless it’s perfect (to me).

You reached #10 on the Shazam Worldwide Dance charts. What was that like for you? 

My reaction, quite frankly, was “WTFFFF”. I was sitting with friends who had some very successful tracks out and they were on the top ten. When they scrolled down the list and we saw my name, we all kinda’ had to do a double take. I was really touched, especially with not having that much music out.

Why do you call Freddie Mercury your father, Lady Gaga your sister and Liberace your decorator? 

Freddie is my everything in terms of gusto, melody, cinematic sonic journeys and classical writing. Gaga is my hero in how she’s attached to her piano, her tenacity and strong vision. Liberace… because I love glitter and ornate things with a little sprinkle of ostentatious in the mix, a pinch of panache. So, in my dream world, I surround myself with all these people in my head when making music and videos.

Who else do you go to for inspiration? 

My grandmother. I like to go back to the root and point of why any of this matters: either making someone laugh with a video, cry with a song or close their eyes and sway to a cinematic beat.

What advice would you give somebody trying to make it? 

When I make it, I’ll let you know!

Can we expect any more gigs/performances this year? 

Coachella was the first and only. I actually haven’t played my own full show yet! I’m working on that for this year and hopefully that will answer the next question.

How do you see 2019 ending career wise? 

I’d love for 2019 to end on an honest note, having released music that is my favourite and having it be available to the incredible listeners we’ve connected with this far around the world. Once it’s released, having a show in the fall and getting ready to play and see the faces of those who come out and have been supporting thus far.

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