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Interview: Gia Woods on “Heartbreak County” and recording an EP during COVID

Gia Woods has definitely grown up so much in the last year. 2021 Gia is confident about the things she used to be insecure about, excited about her new music, and ready to take over the dance floor. To say 2021 was a rollercoaster for Gia Woods would be an understatement.

Gia Woods’ new EP ‘Heartbreak County‘ is about her relationship with her hometown, Los Angeles (LA). Everyone thinks of LA as this perfect place where your dreams come true. People all over the world idolize places like Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Hollywood. But it’s just a facade. There’s so much more hiding under the surface, like struggling artists, people who move here to chase their dreams, a lot of hearts getting broken.

Heartbreak County is the story of LA from Gia’s perspective.

The message has stayed the same from the beginning. With this EP, Gia had a very clear vision of what she wanted it to be from the start and it stayed consistent throughout the whole process.

This is the perfect music to escape and dance your worries away, so I’m so happy it’s coming out now as the world opens up again.

Gia Woods

With that said though, the creative process for this EP was definitely different from what Gia has done before because she wrote it all during quarantine.

“My first single Enough of You was written over Zoom which is something I’d never done before,” Gia tells CelebMix about the creative process of her EP. “There was a lot of uncertainty at that time and I remember feeling a little weird about it, but I think it’s pretty cool now that we were able to write and produce a song through a screen.”

The recording process was also weird at first for Gia with having to wear masks and getting used to all the new safety precautions. Although, she is grateful for the experience though regardless because this project is what helped her get through those crazy times!

There are so many songs that didn’t make it to the final project. In which, Gia has enough songs to make an entire album, but she really wanted to narrow it down to what she felt was the very best and keep it concise.

There are so many different vibes in the EP, “If you’re in the mood for a fun dancey party song, I’d recommend Enough of You,” Gia says. “If you’re driving down the highway alone at night, I’d recommend Fame Kills. It’s the perfect night drive song.”

The main theme of Heartbreak County is escapism.

Gia Woods

This past year really showed Gia how important it is to have some sort of release when things get tough or feel overwhelming, so she hopes this EP provides that kind of release for her audience.

“I want them to be able to escape into this fantasy world I created,” Gia continues.

Whilst the remainder of the year is a bit uncertain, Gia is hoping to do as many live shows as she possibly can. Hopefully, she will be in a city near you!

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