Exclusive Interview: Hitting the ‘Headlines’ With Jack Maynard

Jack Maynard is one of YouTube’s brightest stars. He’s built a 1.5 million subscriber army on the platform with his cheeky pranks, hilarious challenges, and everything in between. This week Jack heads out on his first U.K tour aptly named ‘Headlines’. Headlines is set to bring everything Jack is known and loved for as well as his own passions to the main stage. Everything from spending time on stage with his famous pals, to DJing, performing with big brother Conor Maynard as musical duo GOAT and a whole host of fun and surprises which change every night. We caught up with Jack in the midst of his tour preparations to find out everything we need to know about the tour, his friend Joe on Strictly and the future!

  • Jack, your tour is named Headlines, and it’s your first headline tour, why did you name it that?

Haha, I’ve had a lot of questions about the name of the tour. I decided to call the tour ‘HEADLINES’ after an interesting year, full of up’s and down’s –  I want to end 2018 positively, and focus on making better headlines! And of course, it’s my first ever headline tour!


  • How are you feeling right at this moment about the tour? 

Right now, I am beyond excited for this tour! Traveling around the country creating special memories for my fans and myself – what’s not to be excited about! Of course, I am slightly nervous, as we’ve put so so much work into it and I just want it to be the most amazing experience for everyone who is coming to watch.


  • Your special guests are shaping up to be some huge names in both the YouTube and celebrity world, we’re really curious as to what their roles will be?

Special guests are one of my favorite parts of creating the show, as it’s such an exciting moment for the audience! The fans have no idea who will be at each date, and their reactions when they realize will be a highlight for me. Their role is to come out, perform a couple of songs through my set and basically join the party!


  • GOAT is performing for the first time ever whilst on tour, is that nerve wrecking? 

This will be the first time GOAT have ever performed live together, me and Conor can’t wait! The concept of GOAT is a parody, which means we get to have SO much fun with it and be as crazy as we like! Let’s just hope I remember the words correctly –  the raps get pretty complex! Haha



  • You’ve recently held auditions for your support acts for this tour, why was it important to source an opening act this way? 

Across the tour, I wanted to get my audience as involved as possible. It’s because of them that I am able to do what I do and create a show in the first place. We tried something completely unique and decided to hold live auditions for my audience to win a chance to support me on my tour! There is so much hidden talent online, I wanted an opportunity to showcase those people. It was great fun and we had some incredible acts, I can’t wait for them to join me! (You can check the audition process on Jack’s YouTube page here )


  • What else can we expect to see on the tour? 

Expect a night to remember! Live music, great fun & a terrible rapper ( me) haha! The production is going to be amazing, a lot of people have worked VERY hard on this, so expect everything!


  • Your friend Joe is currently on Strictly and we’ve seen you in the audience, how do you think he’s getting on? 

It’s so great to see Joe smashing it on strictly, I honestly believe he’s going to win… He deserves it!


  • Conor has recently announced he’s going to be on Broadway in the show Kinky Boots, are all the Maynard’s excited for him? 

Conor on Broadway is amazing! Me and my family are going to New York for Christmas to see the show, I honestly can’t wait!


  • Anna’s also joined YouTube and is doing amazing, what advice have you given her? 

Anna has finally joined YouTube yes! It’s great to have our whole family on the platform being so creative! She’s started so well and I’m expecting huge things from her very soon… hopefully she will tour one day and let me DJ haha


  • So, what can we expect from you in 2019?

In 2019 I plan to be doing everything I’m doing now, just bigger and better and hopefully me and my audience can continue to enjoy the journey. Who knows… maybe I’ll tour again beyond the UK!


  • Finally, if any CelebMix readers haven’t brought tickets yet to Headlines, could you in 10 words sell to them why they should come! 

You don’t want to miss out on a night to remember!  (11, sorry)! 



There are still limited tickets to the Headlines Tour available, so make sure you catch Jack this week for ‘a night to remember’.

Catch all the behind the scenes action from Jack on Instagram and Twitter, and if your stuck waiting for the doors opening on tour watch all of Jack’s videos on his channel! You can also follow us on Twitter @CelebMix to keep up to date with all the latest in celeb news, interviews, and reviews! 


Written by NikiSmith

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