Interview: Iranian-Australian Electronic Music Producer and DJ Naz talks about her new single “Pluto,” and upcoming festival season

Naz is an up and coming Iranian/Australian Electronic Music Producer and international touring DJ that hails from the Land Down Under, Australia. With releases on Anjunabeats and a passion for the underground scene, her production style is driven by mood and emotion, often resulting in different and eclectic sounds. Her goal is to ‘make people feel’ through the powerful language of music while pushing boundaries with genres and style and sound design.

In just under a year, Naz made her debut on the international stage, playing at several high profile events and venues across the US, UK, Europe & Australia such as Creamfields, Brooklyn Mirage, The Gorge, Piknic Electronik, Drumsheds plus selling out her first headliner show in Sydney, Australia at the end of 2022.

Hey Naz, welcome to CelebMix! Could you introduce yourself? What are some of your most important releases so far?

Hiya! Thanks for having me. So I’m Naz… this was literally the laziest and simplest artist name I could come up with since my first name is Sanaz and Naz has always been my nickname haha. I’m an Iranian Australian Music Producer & DJ who is currently in the States. Some of my most important releases so far… hmm, it’s a tough one to say because I am still new-ish to this industry and don’t have that many releases under my belt yet.. I kind of feel like they’ve all been pretty important? My very first release, an EP on Statement! Records was definitely special as it signified the start of a life changing journey for me.

You have recently dropped a brand new single “Pluto.” Can you tell us more about this release? What inspired you to write and record it?

Pluto was released last year on Anjunabeats, initially on their Anjunabeats Worldwide Compilation which was mixed by my good friends Fatum. The Fatum lads and the Anjunabeats A&R picked this song up for the compilation and set it up as a stand alone single release as well which was cool! I actually wrote this track in Cornwall UK with my parents over christmas as we were all locked down and had gotten Covid. Pluto initially started out as a UK Garage track, I found these really cool vocal samples and was playing around with some garage type beats and then I felt like I wanted something I could play in my sets that could be a real dance floor banger that would blow some wigs off… thus, the released version of Pluto was born.

How is “Pluto” different from your previous releases?

Pluto was definitely more of an edgier and darker sound compared to my other releases at the time. Sonically, my sound had really become influenced by dance floors and the creative headspace that I was in at the time was really about wanting the world to get back to normal from Covid and having these dark heavy bangers that reflect that frustrated pent up energy we all had been feeling throughout 2020 and 2021.

“Pluto” sounds festival ready. When you produce, do you have a live crowd in mind?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Really depends on what I’m making. When a track starts to build and becomes naturally clubby, then absolutely I try maintain a club or festival audience perspective. Other times though it may be thinking about the perspective of someone feeling kind of melancholy, or maybe someone wanting to go on a drive, or walk their racoon. There’s lots of different scenarios and situations in which we all consume music so I generally like to keep things creatively open minded!

Which gigs are you the most excited for that you have coming up?

Miami Music Week is always fun! I’m playing a boat party on the 23rd which I’m really looking forward to. The Florida music community are heaps of fun and really bring the energy so I’m excited to be back. Plus MMW is a great way to really catch up with your friends and colleagues.

What is your process when you get in the studio?

Listen to some music, get inspired, spend 3-5 business days finding the perfect kick, cry, build a groove, cry again, work on melody, take a quick nap, make the low end slap, then question the whole track and my existence.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Ooh.. tough question. Can I pick three?  Bryan Ferry, Mutemath & The Chemical Brothers

What other passions do you have other than making music? 

My dog… can your dog be your passion haha. I’m obsessed with him it actually hurts. Honestly anything that allows me creative freedom and space to think. Whether it’s writing or drawing or playing around with AI art. I also love cooking! There’s just something really therapeutic about putting on a good playlist and cooking in the kitchen.

Written by Magdalena

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