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Interview | Just Charlii Chats About Latest Single, “Do You Right”

London-based R&B talent, Just Charlii, recently dropped her latest single, Do You Right.

The sultry new single is a captivating slice of modern R&B, utilising melodic tones and electro-synth loops.

The emerging artist’s smooth vocals mesh perfectly throughout bursts of mutated vocal samples.

Do You Right, is the first single from her forthcoming EP, Phoenix.


Just Charlii – also known as Charlotte Turnbull – has been releasing genre-blending music since 2016, focusing on her everyday life experiences.

She has garnered huge support from a wide range of music journalists, collaborated with songwriter, Jake Alder, and deservedly gotten support from BBC Introducing since releasing, Highs & Lows.

Taking inspiration from Aaliyah, SWV and Left Eye, Just Charlii is one to watch with her sentimental depth.

We got the chance to chat to Just Charlii about her single, the story behind her stage name, and what it was like performing at her first-ever festival!

Hey Just Charlii! Tell us about your new track, Do You Right.

Do You Right was actually one of the first songs I wrote for my girl. I love the vibe because although lyrically it’s a love song, it’s very upbeat at the same time with the production behind it. The story behind the song maybe I’ll tell one day… I’ll need my girl’s permission before I do that though haha.

For the readers who may not know you yet, tell us all about you and your music.

I’m a singer-songwriter from south London, hoping to push a positive message within the music industry while keeping it a little bit sexy. I like to think of myself as a very emotional person, but also so straight up. If you’re not afraid to get deep or in your feels, then join the movement! Lyrics will be filled with that stuff!

Why did you choose the name Just Charlii?

The name Just Charlii wasn’t planned at all. I was sitting around with a few of my team members trying to think of a name and that’s when someone said: “How about just Charlii?” And the simplicity of it just drew me towards it. Everyone agreed at the same time, pretty much. It sounds very casual – which, to be honest, is exactly what I am. The name fits me perfectly.

What was it like garnering support from BBC Introducing?

It’s always a nice feeling to be supported by BBC Introducing; they’re such a great platform and have helped so many established artists find their feet. So yeah, it’s a massive compliment!

If you had to pick 3 artists to collaborate with, who would you pick?

Ooh, three artists to collaborate with…this question always catches me off guard but if we are going off of my current music taste it would have to be Tash Sultana, Chris Brown and Little Simz. The vibes are insane!

We noticed you performed at your first festival, ‘Splash’ recently. What was that like for you?

Performing at Splash! Festival was such a cool experience! The performance is something I’ll always remember and the scenery there too! I’m a sucker for abandoned buildings so the fact this place is an old factory, just made it way cooler for me. But overall, the people there were lovely, the crowd made me feel very welcome, and the crew backstage also amazing.

Where do you hope to perform in the future?

I don’t think there is a specific venue, I would just love to perform in and around different countries. I’d love to be able to explore the world so if I got the chance to perform while doing that, the venue wouldn’t matter. As long as the crowd vibe with me, I’m happy.

What made you go into music? Did you ever have other aspirations?

I was a very shy child and used music to fill my time. I started with a guitar and grew from there. I went on to teach myself production, how to record myself, and write songs. I’ve always been more introverted and music has always been that one thing I can truly escape too. It’s very easy for me to release my emotions through music

If you skipped 5 years, where do you see yourself?

Fingers crossed, I’ll be known for spreading awareness on important matters such as mental health through music. I believe it’s so important especially in the time we live in, to be open about how we feel. After going through quite a bit with mental health previously, I feel I could be a good person to spark awareness. I guess overall, I just want to bring people closer through music and set a good example for my younger brothers and sisters. It’s a crazy world we live in, I hope to bring some positivity and wisdom to the table within the next 5 years!

Do you have any goals you want to accomplish by 2020?

If I am to become successful through music, I plan to use my platform for something to better the younger generation. I hope to become the person I needed when I was younger, though music.

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