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Interview: Martin Jensen Chats About Recent Hit, ‘Nobody’, with James Arthur

DJ and producer, Martin Jensen has been creating waves in the music industry, continuously releasing banger after banger.

The Danish-man recently joined forces with British singer-songwriter, James Arthur, for smash hit, Nobody – which has now racked up just under 60 million Spotify streams.

It isn’t the first time Jensen has achieved chart success. In 2016, the 27-year-old dropped, Solo Dance, followed by 2017 collaboration with The Vamps, Middle of the Night, helping him now hold more than one billion Spotify streams combined.

Jensen was recently spotted at Airbeat One Festival in Germany alongside fellow DJ, Danny Avila and musician, Timmy Trumpet.

Despite Jensen constantly being on the move, from hosting an indoor aerobics dance session to playing around in a chopper, we got the chance to chat to him about working with James Arthur, the artist he wants to collaborate with most, and where else we can catch him live-in-the-flesh this year!

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Hey Martin! Tell us about your recent track, Nobody.

My new track is a collaboration with James Arthur. It was very interesting to work on because he’s one the UK’s favourite singers and one of the world’s favourite singers as well. So, the opportunity to work with him was very special.  

How did the track come about then? 

It’s actually a one-and-a-half-year-old song. I’ve tried to get it released many times but I couldn’t find the right singer for the song. And then finally I found James and he complimented the song perfectly.  

What was it like working with James Arthur? 

It was special because you know he’s an A list topliner. It’s normally very different working with guys who are on the A list, compared to working with guys that don’t have a huge-ass management or a big label. But they’ve been super sweet the whole time! So yeah, it was fantastic working with him.  

You’ve also worked with The Vamps in the past. Who’s the best person(s) you’ve worked with? 

It’s difficult. I would mostly say my own team because I have a structured team around me now that’s functioning really well. So, I would say it would be my whole team.

If you had to pick 3 people to collaborate with right now, who would you pick? 

Taylor Swift because she’s awesome. Taylor Swift because she’s amazing. And Taylor Swift because she’s the best!

You’ve also released official remixes for huge names! What would you say makes you different from another DJ? 

I don’t know. When people come and ask me for remixes, I really enjoy mixing stuff into my own sound and apparently, I’m good at it since all the big artists are coming to me and asking for remixes. It’s nice to have that reputation with artists, that’s amazing.  

What’s the best or hardest part of making your own music? 

The best part is that you can make people happy and make people feel something with something you created. That’s amazing, I love that. But, the worst part, for me, is definitely the record labels and management and all that type of stuff because when you’ve done a song you just want to release it and you want people to hear it, you know. So that’s the downside for me.  

On to Ministry of Sound, what was it like performing there? 

Oh, I love Ministry of Sound! I’m actually back in August as well; it’s a super amazing venue. It’s not the most high-tech venue on earth, but the sound system is amazing and the crowd is always there to party!

Can we expect to see you at any more shows this year? 

My calendar is packed until December, where will I not be? I’m playing most of Europe, I have a one-and-a-half-month US tour, I’m going to Asia, yeah basically the whole world. And I’m going to Mexico for the first time as well. It’s a lot of stuff.  

Well 2020 is getting closer! Do you have any goals to achieve by 2020?

Both career and personal goals, because what is personal for me is also professional. One of my goals is definitely going out and playing more shows and releasing more music and entertaining people even further than I do already now.  

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