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Interview | Sam Tompkins Chats About Upcoming UK Tour

Singing powerhouse, Sam Tompkins, is gearing up for his headline UK and Ireland tour that begins in Dublin on 11th November.

The UK artist is embarking on a sold-out six-date tour to mark the release of his debut EP, From My Sleeve to the World.

Sam’s debut EP comes from a very real place that most people can relate to in this day and age and he offers a front-row seat into his mind and emotions.

The pressures of day-to-day life and even the rise of social media usage affects us daily, and Sam openly discusses his journey so far, opening up about hard-hitting topics including suicide, online bullying, failed relationships and mental health in general.

The five-track EP includes a feature on Faded, from Birmingham grime star, Jaykae, which received immense support from BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s Mistajam on ‘Jam Hot’.

We caught up with Sam Tompkins to chat about the EP, his favourite track, and who he wants to collaborate with in the future!

Hey Sam! How have you been?

Up and down to be honest like everyone, but I am feeling good today. Thanks for asking.

You’re welcome! Tell us about your debut EP, “From My Sleeve to the World”.

“From My Sleeve to the World” is basically a play on the old saying “wearing my heart on my sleeve”. I have always loved that term and connected with it, so I wanted to include it. I have always thought my music is a really good representation of how I am feeling and when I am sharing it, I am pretty much giving people a piece of my heart. So that’s where it all comes together.

You covered some hard-hitting topics on the EP, such as mental health. Is this to raise awareness about things such as online bullying?

I want this project to signify how important and amazing it can be to open up about how you feel and to show people that there are people already listening and people who are willing to listen.

If you had to pick a favourite track from your EP, what one would you choose?

I think I would pick “Wishing Wells (Talk)” at the moment. It is constantly changing, but that song is such a journey. It’s almost a miniature project in itself. The message is key also. I also like to favour the underdog and the under-appreciated and that is the one song that has flown under the radar. I’d like to think it’ll have its moment in the sun though.

What was it like working with Jaykae on one of the tracks “Faded”?

Working with Jaykae was great. Brilliant artist who cares about the music and is open to so many ideas. I loved shooting the video for that song too. He’s a great collaborator and I feel he is the sort of person who would’ve probably promoted my project just as hard regardless of whether he was featured on it or not. A real one.

“Faded” was actually supported by Mistajam on Radio 1. What was it like to get support from a tastemaker such as him?

Mistajam has been doing his thing for years and to be played by him as his ‘Jam Hot’ was an honour. The amount of musical discoveries people have probably made from his show are endless. Got enough respect for Jam and mad respect for Radio 1 and 1xtra.

If you could pick anybody to collaborate with, who would you pick?

I would pick Kanye West as a producer, Ed Sheeran as a writer and Stevie Wonder as a feature because they have influenced me the most in those particular fields. I don’t think I sound like any of them or anything but they all impacted me when I needed them to growing up.

When you need a bit of motivation or even inspiration, is there anything or anyone in particular you go to?

When I’m lacking inspiration, I speak to my girlfriend or my manager. They always have something positive to say and it keeps me going. In terms of places, I love to go to the Royal Pavilion in Brighton with my guitar, sit in the gardens and see what I can create.

You’re setting off on a headline UK tour this month! What are you most excited about?

People singing my stuff back to me. I haven’t really done a show before where it is just my fans. I can’t really get over the prospect of it all.

Am I right in thinking you have already sold out all dates? How does that feel?

I think I have sold out the whole thing now, yeah! It’s unbelievable. Especially given the fact that I would’ve probably only sold about 10 tickets this time last year.

You are just smashing it at the minute! What can fans expect throughout 2020?

Next year there is gonna be so many shows, festivals and new music. Like LOADS. It’s gonna be insane.

Finally, do you have any goals to complete before this year ends?

To be honest the only goal I have left this year is to maintain happiness.

Tour dates:

11.11.19 – Dublin Academy
12.11.19 – Glasgow Poetry Club
14.11.19 – Manchester Deaf Institute
15.11.19 – Islington Academy
16.11.19 – Brighton Patterns
17.11.19 – Bristol Exchange

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