Interview | UK Artist TAYLO Drops Debut Single, “Go Time”

Emerging UK artist, TAYLO, has recently dropped his debut single, Go Time.

The hook-filled track is a combination of R&B, soulful trap and hip-hop, meshed perfectly with a distinctive British sound.

The lyrics are a clear hint to TAYLO’s music career kick-starting, “Put it all on the line, go go go time, watch the sign watch the sign, manifest glow time”, proving that this is just the start of his successes.

The Fast and the Furious inspired music video – shot in LA, California – was directed by Taylor James Randall who has worked with huge names in the music world including Jennifer Lopez, Kodak Black, French Montana and many more.

It features explosive scenes with helicopters chasing Lamborghini’s and BMW’s around a racetrack, with all visuals directed by TAYLO and choreographed by one of the UK’s finest choreographers, Ivan Blackstock.


Despite being at the start of his music career, TAYLO is intensely involved in all phases of his career, including song-writing, video treatments, set design, choreography and everything in between.

The rapper and musician has a background in the dance industry, has choreographed around the world, and represents a brand-new generation of creatives experienced in all aspects of content creation.

Travelling the globe has enabled TAYLO to encounter various genres of music and over the last 18 months, he has excited people across the globe by developing his sound.

He has been working with producers and writers including Wow Jones and Ron Allen – who have worked with the likes of Rihanna, Kanye West, Ella Mai, Big Sean and many more.


With a dance background running through his veins, TAYLO is a campaigner for artists’ rights, helping others with knowledge on business rates and empowering them to understand their own worth.

He has assisted in putting together the Dancers’ Network which aims to improve conditions for the dance community on a national level.

We got the chance to chat to TAYLO about his debut single, his two singles on the way and an almost-finished EP!

Hey Taylo, for those who may not know you yet, how would you describe yourself and your music?

I would describe myself as a risk taker in the music industry because I have self-belief in creating opportunities from nothing and believing in my sound sonically. I push boundaries by setting the bar high for myself. My music speaks to a wide audience and has the ability to relate to people on a personal level.

Tell us all about your debut track, Go Time.

Go Time was created on my mother’s kitchen counter with just a keyboard, my laptop and only my beats headphones. As I was producing this single I had fast and furious on the TV in front of me to inspire this track. But in reality, go time is all about chasing your dreams no matter what.

Not only do you write tracks, but you also choreograph! What is your favourite thing about the art surrounding music?

My favourite thing is incorporating different types of art to enhance the music that is being created.

Speaking of choreography, tell us all about Dancers’ Network.

I have close relations with dancers around the world and choreographers where we help each other out by telling each other about auditions for commercials and music videos.

You have developed your sound with the likes of Ron Allen and Wow Jones. They’ve worked with huge names in the industry so how did that feel and come about?

That’s a good story. I bumped into Abracadabra who is the producer and sound engineer for Migos and he listened to my sound and we were initially meant to have a studio session together but he had to fly out so he put me in touch with Ron Allen, whom we had the studio session with. I was also introduced to Wow Jones backstage at a Bryson Tiller show in London KOKO.

Your music includes a mixture of genres such as R&B. What genre would you say you fit most or would you ever stick to a specific genre?

My music is so vast that I do not think I belong to one specific genre. I think that for the time being I am a R&B and Hip-hop artist. However, as more tracks will be released, my audience will be able to see other genres emerge.

What was it like working with Taylor James Randall to direct the music video?

Taylor James Randall is an incredible director that believes in my vision and is someone who I can co-direct with. We have just finished filming two new music videos for the upcoming releases, Taste, shot in my home country Jamaica and, Energy shot in LA.

You have undeniable talent! Can we expect more music soon or even an album/EP?

Yes! More tracks are on their way and we are currently just finishing an EP. There is a lot of new music that I am creating and I am looking forward to releasing.

With 2020 approaching, can fans expect a tour or appearances?

Fans can expect both touring and appearances in the near future. Stay tuned and follow @tayloworld to be first to know.

Finally, how would you like to end the year? Do you have any goals to achieve?

I see myself having an album ready for release that I’m satisfied with and mainly establishing a way of giving back to my home community in Jamaica through music intervention.

Check out TAYLO’s debut single, Go Time now and tweet us @CelebMix to let us know your thoughts!

Written by Jodi

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