Interview: VERIVERY steps up to the arena with their latest new single SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND1: HALL]

If you ask us who is the fastest growing group in the K-pop scene, we would say VERIVERY without a doubt. The band have become a runaway success with notable achievements in the increasingly popular global K-pop market. They reached the top of the Billboard chart last year with their hit song ‘G.B.T.B.’ and grew attention worldwide. Since then, VERIVERY have returned with a new single, ‘SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL]’, to continue the glory in the Billboard chart. Significantly, it’s the concept of this album that’s even more impressive. It implies the meaning of the letter ‘O’ and allows people to enjoy the song with various interpretations and perspectives.

Their music video of ‘Get Away’, which surpassed 15M views in just a few days, captures the countless changes inside, all in the face of darkness. As it is a music video with incredible visuals, it received significant attention with the single’s release.

We asked VERIVERY some questions about the single and what they thought about the meanings. In addition to simply being seen, it was a time for the group to find many purposes, with their ambition of winning the Billboard crown once again.

Last year, ‘G.B.T.B.’ of the ‘FACE it’ series got a lot of attention. Compared to the previous series. What’s the difference in the concept of the new album, SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL]?

VRVR: The previous series ‘FACE it’ was under the keyword, ‘facing many sides of me,’ and the concept of the 2021 series ‘O’ went deeper as an extension of the ‘FACE it’ series – containing a story of us discovering and facing the dark side inherent in us.  

Can you share some insight into the meaning of ‘O’?

VRVR: ‘O’ has a lot of meanings. We can’t define it in one word. We think ‘O’ can come as a number zero to someone or a hole to others. In this album, ‘O’ means a dark space inside us. We perceived it as an infinite space to show various sides of us while we were preparing the album.  

What is the key image or message you wanted to show in the M/V?

VRVR: You will be able to see our charms that you’ve never seen before, and we think it’ll be good to see what the dark side of us will look like.  

How did you overcome your difficulties in the pandemic? 

VRVR: We are trying to communicate with our fans through SNS and other content. We listened to music that we liked and got inspired by other senior and junior artists’ performances while working hard on our music. We worked out and cooked together at our dorm, ate fruits, and watched football. We are trying to enjoy our daily life and overcome the pandemic, period!

Would you like to enter the Billboard chart again with your single?

VRVR: Yes, of course. If we can, we would want to make the chart. Since we received lots of interest and love with our last album, ‘G.B.T.B.’, we did our best on this album also, and we are hoping we can get good results this time, too! Please show us lots of interest and love!

Written by CelebMix Newsroom