INTERVIEW: Wayne Wilkins unplugged

Wayne Wilkins is a British music producer/songwriter who has worked with the likes of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Natasha Bedingfield, Jordin Sparks, Keri Hilson and many more. Producing and writing massive hits such as Fight For This Love, Crazy Stupid Love, Promise This, These Words and Battlefield. Wayne has became on of the most successful music producers the UK has ever seen, with a lot of his track going to number one all around the world. I caught up with the man himself via email to ask him a few questions about the artists he has worked with and the songs he has created.

When did you first start producing songs?

I got my first basic Midi Set-up when I was 13 years old . I used a Commodore Amiga running a piece of software called Music X. I used to spend the majority of my free time making songs and trying to get them to sound like the radio

When did you decide that you would like to pursue this as a career?

I decided whilst studying for my Physics degree . One day I waked in to the lecture theatre and the equation we were working on spanned across two very large black boards. I knew then I couldn’t spend my time making sense of mathematics like that, my heart just wasn’t in to it. Music was the only thing that came naturally to me and hours would pass when I writing or playing music.

How old where you when you got your big break?

For me there wasn’t just one big break. It was just making a lot of songs until it became impossible for people to ignore what I was doing. The. Music industry is very small and sooner or later a path became clear. Even though I’ve had success I feel I am still working on my “big break”. Having said that, the songs I was part of with Natasha Bedingfield made a very big impact and we are still very close friends.

Who has been your favourite artist to work with?

That’s hard to answer because it’s really about the songs for me and I’ve been so fortunate to work with some of the best artists in the world.

Have you worked with any divas?

Yup . I started to figure out that everyone gets a bit scared when they have sing in the studio, even the most amazing singers in the world and the trick is to make every person feel comfortable and willing to take risks.

Out of all the songs you have produced, which one are you most proud of?

These Words” by Natasha because it was my first number one . I did that with Natasha , Andrew Frampton and Steve Kipner

Do you have any advice for budding producers?


1. Listen to your Favourite records and figure out what makes them work and pay close attention to sound choices. Everything big comes from something that has come before. There are certain key elements in every style of music and it helps to know what they are rather than guess all the time. If however you are making music just to make art then by all means ignore everything I just said . (I do this also by the way just for myself)

2. Learn also not just how to create beats and music , listen to songs and figure what works in a lyric and a melody and why they connect on a human level . A lot of young producers just make cool sounding beats. To me being a great producer goes way beyond that and is very dependent on the song you are producing. I suppose some people may disagree but that’s my take on it.

Have you ever disliked a song you have produced?

Not really in regards to the songs that have come out otherwise I wouldn’t have sent it out to anyone . Obviously there are some songs I am more proud of than others. I won’t put my name to anything I don’t feel is great.  But yes whilst I’m still writing a song I will keep reworking parts . I think I’m my best critic and that’s what keeps me pushing to do better. There are way too many OK songs out there and very few new great ones

Would you like music to be taught more in schools?

Yup , I think music should be treated much more like a key subject in the same way Maths and English are . The benefits to children go way beyond the music that they create. I believe there are connections made in your brain that help with every aspect of your life from mathematics all the way to understanding people better . Music is a universal language that everybody understands

Who would you like to work with in the future?

The only 2 people I dreamed to work with one day were Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Other than that I’d love to work with whomever can sing each song I am involved in the best.

You can follow Wayne on Twitter @ GoWayneWilkins

Written by Laura Klonowski

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